Test Pilot Avari the Dream Hero

Character ID:1301375731079
Adventure Class:Трубадур (125)
First Tradeskill:Armorer (125)
Secondary Tradeskills:
Tinkering (665/625)
Adorning (0/0)
Ascension Class : ElementalistLevel: 0
Ascension Class : EtherealistLevel: 25 - Active
Ascension Class : GeomancerLevel: 0
Ascension Class : ThaumaturgistLevel: 0
Alternate Advancements:0
Last Seen:24.03.54
Played:207 days
Guild:Double Trouble (joined: 05.12.22)
Personal Status:331362105
Kills/Deaths Ratio:28.85
Max Melee Hit:4367242648500
Max Magic Hit:13183207712635
Collections Completed:451
Items Crafted:9979
Quests completed:3314
Rare harvests:5912
Block:0 (45%)
Crit Chance:3875%
Crit Bonus:29096%
Ability Modifier:58958968
Hate Gain Modifier:0
DPS Modifier:469
AE Autoattack:0%
Attack Speed:29
Double Attack:60%
Double Attack:0%
Weapon Auto Attack:0%
Weapon Attack Speed:0
Weapon Double Attack:0%
Weapon DPS:0
Weapon Flurry:0%
AmmoBelted Marauder's Quiver
CharmShade Stalker's Heart
CharmForeman's Ornamental Training Saber
ChestLimitless Chain Shirt of the Lost Oasis
CloakCloak of the Sacred Gift
DrinkDesert Distillate
EarEarrings of Sculpted Shadows
EarImplacable Scaling Cliffs Ear Stud
FeetArchivist's Stoneworked Leather Boots
FingerSparkle in the Sands
FingerImplacable Primordial Glacier Ring
FoodOlive and Goat Cheese Salad
ForearmsCyclical Scorch-Worked Armguards
HandsThinker's Terraformed Handwraps
HeadArchivist's Stoneworked Coif
LegsCyclical Form-Fit Chain Pants
Mount Adornment
Mount Armor
NeckAngled Angler's Gem
PrimaryDedroz's Embalming Knife
RangedBow of the Inner Flame
SecondaryMungo's Misshaper
ShouldersAdamantine Horizon Mantle
WaistFelix Miracula Sash
WristImplacable Primordial Glacier Bangle
WristKandti's Golden Shackles
ChestTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic Hauberk
FeetSupreme Blackguard's Despotic Boots
ForearmsSupreme Blackguard's Despotic Wristguard
HandsBrytthel's Signet Ring
HeadSwarthy Pirate Brim
LegsPyrelink Chausses
Mount Adornment
Mount Armor
PrimaryEmberbite, Whip of Fangs
RangedLegacy of Power
SecondaryThe Bloody Shank
ShouldersTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic Spaulders
0 / 0
0 / 0
7264 / 7264
Alcohol Tolerance:
40 / 625
79 / 79
79 / 79
79 / 79
7289 / 7289
7289 / 7289
0 / 0
625 / 625
7289 / 7289
625 / 625
688 / 688
79 / 79
7289 / 7289
688 / 688
688 / 688
0 / 625
595 / 625
129 / 129
688 / 688
7226 / 7226
7289 / 7289
7289 / 7289
7294 / 7294
7294 / 7294
594 / 625
79 / 79
79 / 79
32 / 625
7289 / 7289
7289 / 7289
625 / 625
129 / 129
665 / 665
625 / 625
7 / 625
688 / 688
100th Ranked Artisan:08.11.15
100th Season Adventurer:29.10.15
101st Planar Adventurer:01.08.19
102nd Planar Adventurer:01.08.19
103rd Planar Adventurer:02.08.19
104th Planar Adventurer:02.08.19
105th Planar Adventurer:04.08.19
105th Season Adventurer:04.08.19
106th Planar Adventurer:05.08.19
107th Planar Adventurer:05.08.19
108th Planar Adventurer:06.08.19
109th Planar Adventurer:07.08.19
10th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
10th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
110th Planar Adventurer:07.08.19
110th Ranked Artisan:10.08.19
110th Season Adventurer:07.08.19
120th Ranked Artisan:22.12.19
120th Season Adventurer:20.12.19
125th Ranked Artisan:03.12.22
125th Season Adventurer:01.12.22
20th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
20th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
30th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
30th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
40th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
40th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
50th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
50th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
60th Ranked Artisan:25.09.09
60th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
70th Ranked Artisan:06.12.09
70th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
80th Ranked Artisan:29.01.10
80th Season Adventurer:25.09.09
85th Season Adventurer:07.12.11
90th Ranked Artisan:13.03.10
90th Season Adventurer:14.03.10
95th Season Adventurer:21.10.15
A Bridge To The Moon:22.02.20
A Burghal in Our Midst:26.12.22
A Collector's Collector:
A Day in the Life of Odus:
A Dire Pyre is Made of Fire:08.03.23
A Foray a Day is Mainly Okay:26.12.22
A God Playing Fool:03.01.20
A Grizzled Veteran:08.08.10
A Little Too Chaotic?:27.12.22
A Plethora of Plateaus:03.12.22
A Rose by Any Other Name...:18.02.20
A Sea of Roses:28.02.23
A Shiny in Hand is Worth Two In the Bush:
A Stitch in Time:17.08.19
A Ticket to the Thicket:02.01.23
Aaaafternoon Delightcrawler:13.01.20
Aberrant Annihilator:
Aberrant Destroyer:
Aberrant Executioner:
Aberrant Killer:18.11.15
Abyss Dragon Destroyer:09.12.09
Accomplished Aberrant Hunter:16.12.15
Accomplished Aberrant Slayer:
Accomplished Aerakyn Hunter:17.05.20
Accomplished Aerakyn Slayer:
Accomplished Akhevan Hunter:06.01.20
Accomplished Akhevan Slayer:
Accomplished Allu'thoa Hunter:06.11.15
Accomplished Allu'thoa Slayer:
Accomplished Aviak Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Aviak Slayer:18.11.13
Accomplished Bixie Hunter:18.08.19
Accomplished Bixie Slayer:
Accomplished Brownie Hunter:
Accomplished Brownie Slayer:
Accomplished Bugbear Hunter:
Accomplished Bugbear Slayer:
Accomplished Cepholex Hunter:05.04.20
Accomplished Cepholex Slayer:
Accomplished Clockwork Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Clockwork Slayer:
Accomplished Cursed Elddar Hunter:24.12.22
Accomplished Cursed Elddar Slayer:
Accomplished Cyclops Hunter:17.11.13
Accomplished Cyclops Slayer:
Accomplished Defender of Innocents:15.05.20
Accomplished Di'Zok Hunter:27.11.11
Accomplished Di'Zok Slayer:
Accomplished Djinn Hunter:14.04.12
Accomplished Djinn Slayer:
Accomplished Droag Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Droag Slayer:16.05.12
Accomplished Drolvarg Hunter:13.11.11
Accomplished Drolvarg Slayer:
Accomplished Elemental Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Elemental Slayer:02.02.11
Accomplished Fairy Hunter:13.02.12
Accomplished Fairy Slayer:
Accomplished Florphilim Hunter:23.12.22
Accomplished Florphilim Slayer:
Accomplished Froglok Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Froglok Slayer:
Accomplished Galorian Hunter:12.01.20
Accomplished Galorian Slayer:16.03.20
Accomplished Giant Hunter:13.08.19
Accomplished Giant Slayer:
Accomplished Gnoll Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Gnoll Slayer:
Accomplished Goblin Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Goblin Slayer:17.05.20
Accomplished Golem Hunter:26.05.16
Accomplished Golem Slayer:16.02.20
Accomplished Grimling Hunter:13.11.15
Accomplished Grimling Slayer:
Accomplished Harpy Hunter:20.10.10
Accomplished Harpy Slayer:
Accomplished Hunter of Innocents:20.02.20
Accomplished Immolated Hunter:14.12.15
Accomplished Immolated Slayer:
Accomplished Kobold Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Kobold Slayer:03.03.16
Accomplished Marid Hunter:04.11.19
Accomplished Marid Slayer:
Accomplished Mephlin Hunter:15.10.19
Accomplished Mephlin Slayer:
Accomplished Nilborien Hunter:02.11.19
Accomplished Nilborien Slayer:
Accomplished Orc Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Orc Slayer:14.04.12
Accomplished Patchcraft Hunter:
Accomplished Patchcraft Slayer:
Accomplished Planar Elemental Hunter:13.08.19
Accomplished Planar Elemental Slayer:
Accomplished Protector of Innocents:
Accomplished Ravasect Hunter:
Accomplished Ravasect Slayer:
Accomplished Satyr Hunter:
Accomplished Satyr Slayer:
Accomplished Shik'Nar Hunter:31.01.23
Accomplished Shik'Nar Slayer:
Accomplished Shiny Hunter:
Accomplished Shissar Hunter:17.01.20
Accomplished Shissar Slayer:
Accomplished Siren Hunter:04.07.13
Accomplished Siren Slayer:
Accomplished Slayer of Innocents:
Accomplished Slug Hunter:02.02.20
Accomplished Slug Slayer:
Accomplished Thought Horror Hunter:02.02.20
Accomplished Thought Horror Slayer:
Accomplished Undead Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Undead Slayer:25.09.09
Accomplished Urzarach Hunter:
Accomplished Urzarach Slayer:
Accomplished Vampire Hunter:25.09.09
Accomplished Vampire Slayer:
Accomplished Werewolf Hunter:16.01.23
Accomplished Werewolf Slayer:
Accomplished Wilder Hunter:
Accomplished Wilder Slayer:
Accomplished Yha-lei Hunter:25.05.10
Accomplished Yha-lei Slayer:
Ace of Faydwer:
Addicted to Quests:25.09.09
Advanced Adventure Collector:
Advanced Dungeoneer:
Advancing Steadily:25.09.09
Aerakyn Annihilator:
Aerakyn Destroyer:
Aerakyn Executioner:
Aerakyn Killer:14.11.13
Afraid in the Glade:06.12.22
Age's End:03.11.19
Aiden Assaulter:25.09.09
Akhevan Annihilator:
Akhevan Destroyer:
Akhevan Executioner:
Akhevan Killer:27.10.15
All Dragon Slaying, All the Time (Fabled):23.07.13
All Dusting and Busting:04.12.22
All Hands Off Deck:30.08.19
Allu'thoa Annihilator:
Allu'thoa Destroyer:
Allu'thoa Executioner:
Allu'thoa Killer:29.10.15
Ally of Ry'Gorr:24.05.11
Ally of Thurgadin:28.07.11
Ally of Thurgadin Crafters:29.04.11
Also Made in Aurelian Coast:03.01.20
Amok in the Desert:25.02.23
An Air Apparent:
An Eye for an Eye...:28.02.10
Anashti Sul Annihilator:26.01.10
Ancient Artifacts and Figures:
Ancient Discoveries:
Ancient Signature Pursuer:25.07.19
Ancient Signature Stalker:07.12.22
Ancient Table Annihilator:09.10.11
Annihilator of Innocents:
Another Runner In The Night:
Antiquities Exhibition:
Antonican Adventurer:22.08.11
Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise:07.09.11
Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise (Challenge):06.09.11
Arch-Necranaut Yolth's Demise:21.04.12
Arch-Necranaut Yolth's Demise (Sense of Urgency):03.06.12
Archaeologist Anonymous:26.10.19
Arreken Skyward's Demise:16.04.20
Artisan's Soul:
Arx You Kidding Me?:22.01.20
Arx You Serious?:03.01.20
Ascending the Sky:07.12.22
Assisting the March:13.05.13
At the Steps of Death:25.11.12
Aurelian Coast Guard:06.01.20
Avatar Assassin:10.10.11
Aviak Annihilator:
Aviak Destroyer:
Aviak Executioner:
Aviak Killer:25.09.09
Awakened Weapon Master:05.11.19
Badge of Heroics:
Badlands Biographer:
Balor the Primeval's Demise:24.04.12
Basic Understanding:25.09.09
Battle of Storm Gorge:01.04.11
Battlegrounds Conquest I:08.08.10
Battlegrounds Conquest II:08.08.10
Battlegrounds Conquest III:08.08.10
Battlegrounds Conquest IV:10.08.10
Battlegrounds Conquest IX:
Battlegrounds Conquest V:
Battlegrounds Conquest VI:
Battlegrounds Conquest VII:
Battlegrounds Conquest VIII:
Battlegrounds Conquest X:
Beast Wrangler:
Beating the Rum Master at Her Own Game:30.08.19
Beginner Adventure Collector:
Beginner Collector:25.09.09
Beginner Dungeoneer:22.02.12
Beginner Quester:25.09.09
Beholder of Battle (Avatar):30.07.13
Being and Reason:03.03.23
Belkreiz Blazeclaw's Demise:24.04.12
Bestial Bellies Aside:
Biggest Loser:12.10.09
Biggest Winner:06.12.09
Birds of a Pink Feather:
Bite Your Thumb:
Bixie Annihilator:
Bixie Destroyer:
Bixie Executioner:
Bixie Killer:16.11.13
Blackburrow Champion:11.10.11
Blinding Ambition:18.12.19
Blinding Write:
Blood Pressures:
Blood and Sand:05.01.23
Blown Away:06.12.22
Bluster, Bluster:14.08.19
Bluster, Bluster, Bluster:06.02.20
Bog Slog:25.02.20
Bonegrinder Butcher:10.01.10
Both Hands on Deck!:18.11.19
Brawn for hire:
Breacher of Befallen:16.01.12
Break the Seal:22.06.10
Brendegor Bitelimb's Demise:09.09.11
Brendegor Bitelimb's Demise (Challenge):01.09.11
Bridged the Divide:01.04.11
Bringer of Blight:25.09.09
Bringer of Death:25.09.09
Brownie Annihilator:
Brownie Destroyer:
Brownie Executioner:
Brownie Killer:30.10.15
Bugbear Annihilator:
Bugbear Destroyer:
Bugbear Executioner:
Bugbear Killer:06.12.09
Burning Passions in a Frigid Land:
Burning, Burning:13.08.19
Burning, Burning, Burning:10.04.20
Butcherblock Beachcomber:17.11.10
Butcherblock Bloodhound:
Buzzer Beater:
Caella of the Pearl's Demise:23.05.13
Cairn You Spare a Copper:09.03.23
Calm Before the Storm:06.01.23
Came to Me in a Vision:24.12.22
Can I Help Ya, Help Ya, Help Ya:24.12.22
Can I have your autograph?:08.03.10
Candy Crusher:
Carpets Away:04.12.22
Cazel's Conqueror:09.10.11
Celestial Disorder:05.11.19
Celestial Etherealist:13.11.22
Cepholex Annihilator:
Cepholex Destroyer:
Cepholex Executioner:
Cepholex Killer:24.11.15
Champion of D'Lere:
Champion of Innocents:
Champion of Renewal:05.02.23
Champion of Ro:10.10.11
Champion of Tranquility:04.11.15
Clearing Sleeper's Tomb Unearthed:28.11.12
Clockwork Annihilator:
Clockwork Champion I:
Clockwork Champion II:
Clockwork Champion III:
Clockwork Champion IV:
Clockwork Champion IX:
Clockwork Champion V:
Clockwork Champion VI:
Clockwork Champion VII:
Clockwork Champion VIII:
Clockwork Champion X:
Clockwork Constructor:01.09.11
Clockwork Destroyer:
Clockwork Executioner:
Clockwork Killer:25.09.09
Coast Verbose:
Coasting through the Hills:
Codexicon Crusher:25.09.09
Collection Hoarder:
Collection Master:18.01.23
Collection Obsessor:
Commander Mirrakar's Demise:21.04.12
Commander Mirrakar's Demise (Sense of Urgency):03.06.12
Commander Mirrakar's Demise (Solo):04.05.12
Commander Mirrakar's Demise (Solo) (Sense of Urgency):04.05.12
Commonlands Colonist:22.08.11
Consider a Listless Chime:08.01.20
Contested: Defeat the Greater Bosses:
Contested: Defeat the Lesser Bosses:
Conundrum Keeper:
Craft the Night Away:
Craft until you drop!:12.04.10
Craftkeeper Completionist:21.02.10
Crafty Cloak Collector:
Crowd Control:30.08.19
Crush Crusher:10.10.11
Crypt Capturer:25.09.09
Cursed Elddar Annihilator:
Cursed Elddar Destroyer:
Cursed Elddar Executioner:
Cursed Elddar Killer:04.12.22
Custodian Culler:25.09.09
Cutting Straight Lines:
Cyclops Annihilator:
Cyclops Destroyer:
Cyclops Executioner:
Cyclops Killer:25.09.09
D'Vinn Dethroner:25.09.09
Dagarn's Demise:08.05.12
Darathar's Reprise:07.11.19
Daredevil of Dawn:17.11.10
Daring Zoo Keeper:
Darkhaven Cavedrifter Upgrade:
Darklight Drifter:22.08.11
Dash the Dauntless:02.03.10
Dawn's Avenger:25.09.09
Deadeye Dozer:
Death Raider:30.04.13
Deathtoll Deathbearer:25.09.09
Decay By Any Other Name:
Decorin Bonewing:17.09.11
Dedicant of the Deepforge.:14.12.15
Dedication to the Arts:
Deep Thoughts:21.04.11
Deep in the Thicket of Things:
Deepforge Delver:06.12.15
Deepforge Founder:14.12.15
Defeating Aaranae Acrimae:05.08.11
Defeating Aaranae Acrimae (Challenge):02.03.12
Defeating Amalgamon:28.06.13
Defeating Ambassador Grindstone:13.09.11
Defeating Ambassador Grindstone (Challenge):07.06.12
Defeating Arch Confessor Aytali:06.09.11
Defeating Baroddas:11.01.13
Defeating Baroddas and Baelon (Challenge):13.03.13
Defeating Bastion:28.11.12
Defeating Bastion (Challenge):29.03.13
Defeating Baz the Illusionist:03.11.15
Defeating Bereth Mathias:10.12.15
Defeating Berik Bloodfist (Challenge):13.07.12
Defeating Bhoughbh Model XVII:17.12.15
Defeating Bhoughbh Nova-Prime:12.02.16
Defeating Brunhildre the Wench:30.10.15
Defeating Brutas the Imbiber:03.11.15
Defeating Bull McCleran:04.11.15
Defeating Caerina the Lost:06.12.12
Defeating Captain Ashenfell:04.03.16
Defeating Captain Graybeard:17.03.16
Defeating Captain Mergin:04.11.15
Defeating Charanda:30.10.15
Defeating Charrid the Mindwarper:15.12.15
Defeating Commander Corpsemaul (Challenge):08.02.13
Defeating Commander Goreslaughter (Challenge):08.02.13
Defeating Crohp the Mighty:02.12.15
Defeating Cronnin the Axe and Dellmun the Hammer:23.12.15
Defeating Danacio the Witchdoctor:30.10.15
Defeating Diabo, Va, and Centi Kela'Set:04.11.15
Defeating Drels Ma'Gor:30.11.12
Defeating Drinal with all four Soulwell abilities:13.06.13
Defeating Drinal with one Soulwell ability:21.02.13
Defeating Drinal with three Soulwell abilities:10.05.13
Defeating Drinal with two Soulwell abilities:05.02.13
Defeating Electroshock Grinder VIII:15.01.16
Defeating Eriak the Fetid (Challenge):12.12.12
Defeating Eudoxxus:19.09.12
Defeating Farozth Ssravizh:04.11.15
Defeating Fitzpitzle:28.11.12
Defeating General Teku (Challenge):08.02.13
Defeating Gindan Commander Angler:09.09.11
Defeating Gindan Commander Angler (Challenge):07.06.12
Defeating Glokus Windhelm (Challenge):06.02.13
Defeating Gloust M'ra:29.11.12
Defeating Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin, and Yermon:04.11.15
Defeating Grethah the Frenzied:06.11.15
Defeating Grevog the Punisher:05.11.15
Defeating Hand of Vallon (Challenge):24.08.12
Defeating High Shinu-Zonn Cerulea and Magentia:24.07.11
Defeating Hovercopter Hingebot:15.01.16
Defeating Hragdold the Frenzied:04.08.11
Defeating Hragdold the Frenzied (Challenge):16.02.12
Defeating Ingolfa Arnar:19.09.12
Defeating Jorik the Scourge:26.11.15
Defeating Karith'Ta:14.01.16
Defeating Kerridicus Searskin:29.10.15
Defeating Kiernun the Lyrical:02.12.15
Defeating King Lockt:25.11.15
Defeating Kyrus of the Old Ways:04.02.16
Defeating Lichlord Skulldugger:08.09.11
Defeating Lichlord Skulldugger (Challenge):13.04.12
Defeating Lieutenant Klaatuus:12.08.11
Defeating Lieutenant Klaatuus (Challenge):04.05.12
Defeating Lord Dolg... Doljona... Da... Bob:12.07.11
Defeating MCP-Powered Pulsar:15.01.16
Defeating Malkonis D'Morte:05.11.15
Defeating Master of the Guard:19.09.12
Defeating Mazarine the Queen:29.11.12
Defeating Melanie Everling:06.12.12
Defeating Milas the Ancient (Challenge):16.10.12
Defeating Morin the Swindler and Barin the Brute:26.08.19
Defeating Mrogr Bloodtaint:05.08.11
Defeating Mrogr Bloodtaint (Challenge):16.02.12
Defeating Mystikus Terrorwing:12.08.11
Defeating Mystikus Terrorwing (Challenge):04.05.12
Defeating Ojuti the Vile:14.01.16
Defeating Oligar of the Dead:28.11.12
Defeating Oligar of the Dead (Challenge):21.02.13
Defeating Omugra, Thazurus, and Vuzalg:26.08.19
Defeating Othysis Muravian:05.11.15
Defeating Paldar Bladesoul:19.09.12
Defeating Perador the Mighty:29.10.15
Defeating Pharinich the Forlorn:29.11.12
Defeating Pirate Shaman Snaggletooth:30.10.15
Defeating Prime Tentu-Zonn Clodae and Ferti:24.07.11
Defeating Queen Vorticia V'uul:06.09.11
Defeating Ragebourne Gregor Haldane:04.08.11
Defeating Ragebourne Gregor Haldane (Challenge):11.01.12
Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:29.11.12
Defeating Sath'Oprusk:10.05.16
Defeating Sentinel XXI:17.12.15
Defeating Short-Circuited Construct Bot:17.12.15
Defeating Silis On'Va:29.11.12
Defeating Sorrn Dontro:29.11.12
Defeating Sullon Zek:18.08.11
Defeating Sullon Zek (Challenge):06.04.12
Defeating Swabber Rotgut:03.11.15
Defeating Tagrin Maldric (Challenge):18.10.12
Defeating Tallon Zek:19.08.11
Defeating Tallon Zek (Challenge):20.06.12
Defeating Teraradus the Gorer:29.10.15
Defeating The Crumbling Icon:29.10.15
Defeating The Enraged Imp:29.11.12
Defeating The Enraged Warboar (Challenge):16.05.12
Defeating The Fear Feaster:28.11.12
Defeating The Forge Golem:13.04.16
Defeating Tollen'Eod, Achen'Lomgill, Rhea'pla, and Lean'Odro:06.05.16
Defeating Treyloth D'Kulvith:05.11.15
Defeating Tuzerk:22.03.13
Defeating Tyrax Terrolus:18.08.11
Defeating Tyrax Terrolus (Challenge):20.06.12
Defeating Uigirf, Htardlem, and Omzzem:15.12.15
Defeating Wedge Tinderton:24.11.15
Defeating Ynonngozzz'Koolbh:19.05.16
Defeating Zebrun the Torso:06.11.15
Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:05.11.15
Defeating Zzalazziz:22.03.13
Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:11.01.13
Defeating the Ancient Sentinel (Challenge):20.12.12
Defeating the Construct of Souls:06.12.12
Defeating the Crystalline Queen:26.10.11
Defeating the Eidolon of Hraashna:28.11.12
Defeating the Eidolon of Nanzata:30.11.12
Defeating the Eidolon of Tukaarak:28.11.12
Defeating the Eidolon of Ventani:03.01.13
Defeating the Final Arbiter:30.08.19
Defeating the Generals:12.08.11
Defeating the Generals (Challenge):03.05.12
Defeating the Guardian of Vuul:25.07.11
Defeating the Iron Forged Constructs:02.12.15
Defeating the Malfunctioning Slaver:15.01.16
Defeating the Polliwog:18.05.16
Defeating the Siren Queen (Advanced Solo):13.05.13
Defeating the Tinkered Abomination:12.02.16
Defeating the ancient warders:03.01.13
Defend the Spires!:08.11.19
Deino Doctor:26.10.15
Delta Destroyer:
Delta Destroyer with cheese:
Delta Force: Part I:08.02.23
Delta Force: Part II:20.03.23
Delta Force: Part III:23.03.23
Delta Force: Part IV:23.03.23
Delta, Delta, Delta:31.01.23
Delving Dead:03.09.11
Delving the Ever Deep:
Demitrik's Demise:01.03.10
Desert Dungeon Crawler:05.02.23
Desert Researcher:04.12.22
Desert of Fame:05.02.23
Destiny in the Planes of Prophecy:09.08.19
Destiny of Velious Overachiever:16.11.15
Destiny of Velious Vanquished:
Destiny of Velious Victor:18.04.11
Destroyer of Innocents:
Detroxxulous Stitcher:
Di'Zok Annihilator:
Di'Zok Destroyer:
Di'Zok Executioner:
Di'Zok Killer:25.09.09
Diakaroo Rouser:
Discovering Druid Rings: Faydwer:25.09.09
Discovering Druid Rings: Kunark:25.09.09
Discovering Druid Rings: Shattered Lands:20.09.10
Discovering the Withered Lands:26.04.12
Divided We Fall:
Diviner Gelerin and Persecutor Barid's Demise:31.05.13
Divinity in Disguise:
Djinn Annihilator:
Djinn Destroyer:
Djinn Executioner:
Djinn Killer:25.09.09
Don't Forget Your Shades:
Don't Put That in Your Mouth:03.01.20
Doom Lord Doomer:25.09.09
Doomed Lovers:
Doomfire Brander:
Dozekar's Demise:09.05.12
Dozekar's Demise (Sense of Urgency):10.05.12
Dread Exarch Executor:16.01.12
Droag Annihilator:
Droag Destroyer:
Droag Executioner:
Droag Killer:25.09.09
Drolvarg Annihilator:
Drolvarg Destroyer:
Drolvarg Executioner:
Drolvarg Killer:25.09.09
Drowning in Quests:
Drowning, Drowning:13.08.19
Drowning, Drowning, Drowning:06.02.20
Drunder Raids Vanquished:
Drunder Raids Vanquished (Challenge):
Drusella's Downfall:25.09.09
Dust, Dust:14.10.19
Dust, Dust, Dust:
Dwarven Supply Stocker:25.10.11
Eastern Wastes Quester:18.04.11
Echoes In a Cavernous World:
Echoes of Mortality:03.01.23
Efreeti Enslaver:15.10.11
Eidolon Expurgator:25.09.09
Eidolon of the Shattered Lands:
Eirreen the Broken's Demise:09.09.11
Eirreen the Broken's Demise (Challenge):30.09.11
Elemental Annihilator:18.03.23
Elemental Destroyer:25.08.19
Elemental Executioner:
Elemental Killer:25.09.09
Elements of Destruction:26.08.19
Enchanted Lands Examiner:
Enchanted Lands Excursionist:25.09.09
Entrancer Lisha and the Enslaver Eels' Demise:08.05.13
Eryslai Etcher:
Escaping the Shadows:31.10.11
Everfrost Espionager:25.09.09
Everfrost Explorer:22.08.11
Executioner of Innocents:
Expert Adventure Collector:
Exploring the Eternal Broodlands:14.11.13
Exploring the Ever Deep:
Exploring the Scourge Wastes [Heroic]:
Exploring the Scourge Wastes [Solo]:
Exploring the Woods:
Extinguish El'Arad:05.06.10
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:17.05.20
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:03.11.19
Extreme Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:17.05.20
Extreme Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:03.11.19
Fabled: Rallos' Chosen:07.04.20
Fairy Annihilator:
Fairy Destroyer:
Fairy Executioner:
Fairy Killer:25.09.09
Far Seas Avenger:30.08.19
Far Seas Bootlegger!:30.08.19
Far Seas Requisitioner:31.10.15
Feerrott Floater:12.12.09
Feerrott Informer:
Feral Things in the Thicket:27.12.22
Festive Spirit:
Fight Firelords with Fire:25.09.09
Fight in the Night:10.02.23
Fighter Conquest I:08.08.10
Fighter Conquest II:08.08.10
Fighter Conquest III:08.08.10
Fighter Conquest IV:10.08.10
Fighter Conquest IX:
Fighter Conquest V:
Fighter Conquest VI:
Fighter Conquest VII:
Fighter Conquest VIII:
Fighter Conquest X:
Fighter of the Four:25.09.09
Fire, Fire:14.10.19
Fire, Fire, Fire:02.02.20
Firma, Firma:02.11.19
Firma, Firma, Firma:02.02.20
First Planar Level!:15.10.19
First in the Village:08.01.20
Flawless Delta Force: Part I:09.02.23
Flawless Delta Force: Part II:20.03.23
Flawless Delta Force: Part III:23.03.23
Flawless Delta Force: Part IV:23.03.23
Flawless Raid: Lord Triskian Seru:10.03.20
Flawless Raid: Luminary Cohortis Emon:30.03.20
Flawless Raid: Luminary Hertu Asundri:30.03.20
Flawless Raid: Luminary Percontorius Felvin:10.03.20
Flawless Raid: Magmaton:30.10.19
Flawless Raid: Nhekrin:02.04.20
Flawless Raid: Palomidiar Allakhaji:04.06.20
Flawless Raid: Pli Va Liako Vess:17.03.20
Flawless Raid: Praetorian K'Tikrn :31.03.20
Flawless Raid: R'thessil and Zeltheen:07.04.20
Flawless Raid: Rockhopper Pouncer:20.05.20
Flawless Raid: Roris Lacea:15.07.20
Flawless Raid: Shik'Nar Imperiatrix:02.03.20
Flawless Raid: Stonegrabber Colossus:16.03.20
Flawless Raid: Thought Horror Overfiend:03.02.20
Flawless Raid: Vestigial Broker:04.06.20
Flawless Raid: Xi Xia Xius:15.04.20
Flawless Raid: the Enraged Shik'Nar Imperiatrix [Challenge]:22.06.20
Flawless Raj'Dur Raiders: Part I:17.02.23
Flawless Raj'Dur Raiders: Part II:23.03.23
Flawless Triumph: Accursed Sanctum:
Flawless Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Halls of the Betrayer:
Flawless Triumph: Unkillable!:
Flawless Victory: Absatalius:12.11.09
Flawless Victory: Accursed Custodian:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Adkar Vyx:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: Aereon:14.01.11
Flawless Victory: Ageless Custodian:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Anashti Sul:29.01.10
Flawless Victory: Azara the Seer:24.06.10
Flawless Victory: Benach Aglebar:08.01.10
Flawless Victory: Cadducian, Tartan, and Raamum:07.05.10
Flawless Victory: Caden and Keplin:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Captain Grush:26.02.10
Flawless Victory: Captain Ikalus:11.12.09
Flawless Victory: Cer'matal the Gatekeeper:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Dayakara:08.01.10
Flawless Victory: Demetrius Crane:26.11.09
Flawless Victory: Derig the Prime Executioner:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Digg:08.01.10
Flawless Victory: Doomcoil:16.12.09
Flawless Victory: Dreadlord D'Somni:26.11.09
Flawless Victory: Energized Taehric Construct:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Ernax Heridion:25.05.10
Flawless Victory: Erudin Palace:
Flawless Victory: Essedara and Jalkhir:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Field General Uktap:26.03.10
Flawless Victory: Gelidus Ventus:26.02.10
Flawless Victory: Gozak:11.08.10
Flawless Victory: Gynok Moltor:23.09.10
Flawless Victory: Haephaus:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Haraakat the Seer:30.09.10
Flawless Victory: High Marus Alaric:28.06.10
Flawless Victory: Horraastaas:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Hoshkar:24.12.09
Flawless Victory: Iilsaad's Barrier:13.07.10
Flawless Victory: Imperator Ignus:08.01.10
Flawless Victory: Imzok's Revenge:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: Irdul of the Glacier:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Iztapa Vyx:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: Kaasssrelik the Afflicted:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Kael:03.01.23
Flawless Victory: Kage-Zonn Prime Zoz:11.10.10
Flawless Victory: Kendis Parmare:10.09.10
Flawless Victory: Khost Alur:08.01.10
Flawless Victory: Kigara the Blazewing and Kelana the Frostwing:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Kpul D'Vngur:17.12.09
Flawless Victory: Kratulus:08.05.10
Flawless Victory: Kultak the Cruel:20.01.10
Flawless Victory: Lady Mirenilla:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Lieutenant Buldoral:09.09.10
Flawless Victory: Lord Feshlak:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Lord Kreizenn:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Ludmilla Kystov:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: Maalus Shadowfyre:18.08.10
Flawless Victory: Malevolence and Ire:03.12.09
Flawless Victory: Mandoril, Medorius, and Mikla:15.07.10
Flawless Victory: Mandoril, Medorius, and Mikla (Hard Mode):
Flawless Victory: Master P'Tasa:26.11.09
Flawless Victory: Melagrognan:13.09.10
Flawless Victory: Milyex Vioren:24.12.09
Flawless Victory: Mosaasus:16.04.20
Flawless Victory: Munzok:28.10.10
Flawless Victory: Munzok's Material Bastion:28.10.10
Flawless Victory: Mynzak:16.03.10
Flawless Victory: Ozyk:22.07.10
Flawless Victory: Palace of the Ancient One:08.04.10
Flawless Victory: Penda Parmare:21.07.10
Flawless Victory: Pentaclypse:09.03.10
Flawless Victory: Rarthek the Swiftclaw:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Regulus and Regulas:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Rise of Kunark:
Flawless Victory: Ritualist Sqilak:02.02.11
Flawless Victory: Roehn Theer (Order):15.07.10
Flawless Victory: Saalax:16.04.20
Flawless Victory: Sara Greenheart:30.03.10
Flawless Victory: Senior Loyalist Tilas:11.11.09
Flawless Victory: Sentinel's Fate:
Flawless Victory: Shard of Hate:
Flawless Victory: Sontalak:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Strange Stalker:29.10.09
Flawless Victory: Subsistent Custodian:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Switchmaster Zaxlyz:25.11.09
Flawless Victory: Tairiza the Widow Mistress:16.12.09
Flawless Victory: Tavekalem:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Telkorenar:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Thanaraax:10.05.10
Flawless Victory: The Hole:
Flawless Victory: The Protector's Realm:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: The Scavanator:31.08.10
Flawless Victory: The Shadow Odyssey:23.09.10
Flawless Victory: The Vigilant: Final Destruction:
Flawless Victory: Theerax the Enforcer:16.04.20
Flawless Victory: Thet-em-aua:01.12.09
Flawless Victory: Tomb of the Mad Crusader:23.09.10
Flawless Victory: Tower of Frozen Shadow:
Flawless Victory: Toxxulia:31.08.10
Flawless Victory: Toxxulia's Mound:31.08.10
Flawless Victory: Trajin Cedon:05.10.10
Flawless Victory: Tyrannus the Dark:22.09.10
Flawless Victory: Tythus Tinzok:26.02.10
Flawless Victory: Ultaclypse:08.04.10
Flawless Victory: Umzok:22.07.10
Flawless Victory: Uthgar, Aaskas, and Maakat:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Vaclaz:26.08.19
Flawless Victory: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs:
Flawless Victory: Veeshan's Peak:
Flawless Victory: Vernox the Insatiable:25.05.10
Flawless Victory: Vulak'Aerr the Dreadscale:17.05.20
Flawless Victory: Vuulan:02.06.10
Flawless Victory: Ward of Elements:
Flawless Victory: Wymbulu Vyx:07.10.10
Flawless Victory: Wyrmlord Zaos:12.05.10
Flawless Victory: Wyvernlord Tuluun:02.06.10
Flawless Victory: Xebnok the Wretched:03.03.10
Flawless Victory: Xilaxis the Explorer:28.01.11
Flawless Victory: Xygoz:24.12.09
Flawless Victory: Xythus Davian and Xythus Aransta:25.11.09
Flawless Victory: Ykesha:22.09.10
Flawless Victory: Ykesha's Inner Stronghold:22.09.10
Flawless Victory: Yzlak:05.08.10
Flawless Victory: Zarrakon:04.03.10
Flawless Victory: Zykluk Vyx:16.12.09
Flawless: Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise:28.09.11
Flawless: Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise (Challenge):02.02.12
Flawless: Arreken Skyward's Demise:16.04.20
Flawless: Balor the Primeval's Demise:08.05.12
Flawless: Belkreiz Blazeclaw's Demise:17.05.12
Flawless: Brendegor Bitelimb's Demise (Challenge):21.03.12
Flawless: Caella of the Pearl's Demise:19.04.20
Flawless: Corpsemongering:28.07.11
Flawless: Dagarn's Demise:09.05.12
Flawless: Defeating Aaranae Acrimae:29.09.11
Flawless: Defeating Aaranae Acrimae (Challenge):25.07.12
Flawless: Defeating Amalgamon:19.04.20
Flawless: Defeating Bastion:28.11.12
Flawless: Defeating Bereth Mathias:20.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Berik Bloodfist (Challenge):12.09.12
Flawless: Defeating Bhoughbh Model XVII:12.02.16
Flawless: Defeating Brunhildre the Wench:30.10.15
Flawless: Defeating Brutas the Imbiber:03.11.15
Flawless: Defeating Caerina the Lost:06.12.12
Flawless: Defeating Captain Ashenfell:13.04.16
Flawless: Defeating Captain Graybeard:17.03.16
Flawless: Defeating Charrid the Mindwarper:10.02.16
Flawless: Defeating Cronnin the Axe and Dellmun the Hammer:03.03.16
Flawless: Defeating Danacio the Witchdoctor:30.10.15
Flawless: Defeating Drels Ma'Gor:20.12.12
Flawless: Defeating Drinal with all four Soulwell abilities:15.08.13
Flawless: Defeating Drinal with one Soulwell ability:21.02.13
Flawless: Defeating Electroshock Grinder VIII:15.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Eudoxxus:18.10.12
Flawless: Defeating Fitzpitzle:07.12.12
Flawless: Defeating Gloust M'ra:29.11.12
Flawless: Defeating Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin, and Yermon:04.11.15
Flawless: Defeating Hovercopter Hingebot:15.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Hragdold the Frenzied (Challenge):07.03.12
Flawless: Defeating Ingolfa Arnar:16.10.12
Flawless: Defeating Jorik the Scourge:20.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Karith'Ta:09.03.16
Flawless: Defeating Kiernun the Lyrical:31.03.16
Flawless: Defeating King Lockt:27.04.16
Flawless: Defeating Lichlord Skulldugger:27.10.11
Flawless: Defeating Lichlord Skulldugger (Challenge):25.10.12
Flawless: Defeating Lieutenant Klaatuus:22.09.11
Flawless: Defeating Lieutenant Klaatuus (Challenge):12.09.12
Flawless: Defeating MCP-Powered Pulsar:12.02.16
Flawless: Defeating Master of the Guard:24.10.12
Flawless: Defeating Mazarine the Queen:18.04.20
Flawless: Defeating Melanie Everling:06.12.12
Flawless: Defeating Morin the Swindler and Barin the Brute:26.08.19
Flawless: Defeating Mrogr Bloodtaint:12.08.11
Flawless: Defeating Mrogr Bloodtaint (Challenge):29.03.12
Flawless: Defeating Ojuti the Vile:14.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Oligar of the Dead:28.11.12
Flawless: Defeating Oligar of the Dead (Challenge):21.02.13
Flawless: Defeating Omugra, Thazurus, and Vuzalg:26.08.19
Flawless: Defeating Paldar Bladesoul:27.11.12
Flawless: Defeating Pirate Shaman Snaggletooth:12.11.15
Flawless: Defeating Ragebourne Gregor Haldane (Challenge):13.09.12
Flawless: Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:29.11.12
Flawless: Defeating Sentinel XXI:26.02.16
Flawless: Defeating Short-Circuited Construct Bot:17.12.15
Flawless: Defeating Silis On'Va:05.12.12
Flawless: Defeating Sorrn Dontro:20.06.13
Flawless: Defeating Sullon Zek:02.12.11
Flawless: Defeating Sullon Zek (Challenge):04.10.12
Flawless: Defeating Swabber Rotgut:12.11.15
Flawless: Defeating The Enraged Imp:14.12.12
Flawless: Defeating The Enraged Warboar (Challenge):07.05.13
Flawless: Defeating The Fear Feaster:28.11.12
Flawless: Defeating The Forge Golem:13.04.16
Flawless: Defeating Tuzerk:22.03.13
Flawless: Defeating Tyrax Terrolus:12.10.11
Flawless: Defeating Uigirf, Htardlem, and Omzzem:17.03.16
Flawless: Defeating Wedge Tinderton:06.01.16
Flawless: Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:05.11.15
Flawless: Defeating Zzalazziz :26.08.19
Flawless: Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:11.01.13
Flawless: Defeating the Construct of Souls:26.04.13
Flawless: Defeating the Iron Forged Constructs:11.12.15
Flawless: Defeating the Malfunctioning Slaver:15.01.16
Flawless: Defeating the Tinkered Abomination:12.02.16
Flawless: Diviner Gelerin and Persecutor Barid's Demise:14.08.13
Flawless: Durtung the Arm of War:12.07.16
Flawless: Eirreen the Broken's Demise:09.09.11
Flawless: Eirreen the Broken's Demise (Challenge):21.03.12
Flawless: Entrancer Lisha and the Enslaver Eels' Demise:19.04.20
Flawless: Fergul the Protector:12.05.16
Flawless: Gen'ra's Demise:14.08.13
Flawless: Iilatus Frostbeard's Demise:23.06.11
Flawless: Iilatus Frostbeard's Demise (Challenge):14.02.12
Flawless: Ikatiar's Demise:10.05.12
Flawless: Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise:06.03.12
Flawless: Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise (Challenge):24.01.12
Flawless: Kelorek'Dar's Demise:19.04.20
Flawless: King Tormax's Demise:03.01.23
Flawless: Kreegar Krikneck's Demise:18.09.11
Flawless: Kreegar Krikneck's Demise (Challenge):15.02.12
Flawless: Kreelit, the Caller of Hounds:19.05.16
Flawless: Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:30.08.19
Flawless: Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise:20.05.11
Flawless: Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise (Challenge):18.10.11
Flawless: Malteor Flamecaller's Demise:23.05.12
Flawless: Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage:28.07.11
Flawless: Overlord Talan's Demise:31.07.13
Flawless: Priestess Denerva Vah'lis' Demise:19.04.20
Flawless: Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise:07.09.11
Flawless: Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise (Challenge):06.09.11
Flawless: Redemption for Drinal:31.08.19
Flawless: Sargon the Destructor's Demise:16.04.20
Flawless: Seeking the Golden Paw:09.02.23
Flawless: Sevalak of Storms' Demise:16.04.20
Flawless: Sevalor Gorescale's Demise:05.06.12
Flawless: Seven Years Bad Luck:28.07.11
Flawless: Taaltak the Mighty's Demise (Challenge):06.03.12
Flawless: Tel'koran Bloodmaw's Demise:23.04.12
Flawless: Tert Turganpuncher's Demise:09.09.11
Flawless: Tert Turganpuncher's Demise (Challenge):01.09.11
Flawless: The Butler Did It!:07.04.11
Flawless: Theldek the Stinger's Demise:08.05.12
Flawless: Turning a Frown Upside Down:28.07.11
Flawless: Unmasking the Truth:07.04.11
Flawless: Xalgoti's Demise:16.03.11
Flawless: Zorglim the Departed's Demise:16.03.11
Florphilim Annihilator:
Florphilim Destroyer:
Florphilim Executioner:
Florphilim Killer:05.12.22
Flying Through Ro:23.01.23
Follower of the Shiny:
Fordel Forgery:
Forlorn Fingerprint:
Forsaken Forsaker:11.10.11
Foundations of Stone:
Founder of Anchorage!:18.08.19
Fount of Power:06.08.19
Friend to Odus:
Friend to the Kerra:09.03.10
Froglok Annihilator:
Froglok Destroyer:
Froglok Executioner:
Froglok Freer:25.09.09
Froglok Killer:25.09.09
Frontier Fortune-hunter:19.02.10
Frontier Tamer:
Frostfang Sea Expeditionary Force:22.08.11
Fuel to the Fire:
Full Dual Renewal:05.02.23
Fyst Finisher:25.09.09
Gadabout in Greater Faydark:17.11.10
Gallant Hero of Guk:27.08.19
Galorian Annihilator:
Galorian Destroyer:
Galorian Executioner:
Galorian Killer:02.01.20
Garanel Garroter:25.09.09
Gardening Fanatic:
Gathering Disruptor:25.09.09
Gen'ra's Demise:17.05.13
General Velryyn:03.11.19
Get On Board!:02.01.23
Get out of the Kitchen:18.08.19
Ghost Dragon Destructor:22.11.09
Ghoul Where We Want To:22.12.22
Giant Annihilator:
Giant Destroyer:
Giant Executioner:
Giant Killer:16.11.13
Glub, Glub:
Glub, Glub, Glub:
Glutton for Punishment:30.08.19
Gnoll Annihilator:
Gnoll Destroyer:
Gnoll Executioner:
Gnoll Killer:25.09.09
Gnomachine Too Complicated:
Gobblerock Godfather:15.10.11
Goblin Annihilator:
Goblin Destroyer:
Goblin Executioner:
Goblin Killer:25.09.09
Godking Aggressor:13.10.09
Golem Annihilator:
Golem Destroyer:
Golem Executioner:
Golem Killer:05.05.16
Graceless Victory: Agmork the Almighty Angler:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Ahuttam the Sword's Breeze:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Albusat Alsihriu:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Anirath Andirin:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Aqile Akalay:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Baka:03.03.23
Graceless Victory: Bashida the Blade:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Carrionpicker:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Chief Dunesea:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Cleavespine:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Crusader Palaendor:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Dedroz the Decomposer:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Edrigen the Empowered:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Exorax:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Farid:03.03.23
Graceless Victory: Florafang:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Fushuga and Hargan:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Gallopagus:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Ganadan:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Granight and Company:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Kerem B'ayet:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Khadra Chatt:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Kigathor Stonebark:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Leafjaw:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Lopik Runtbottom:22.01.23
Graceless Victory: Malachiel Caedor:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Migral Strongfeet:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Mister Tickster:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Mungo the Misshapen:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Mustapha Droughtbringer:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Nenmioseh the Night's Eye:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Quartermaster Hamid:03.03.23
Graceless Victory: Sanum Ordast:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Shadowscum:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Shiroth Avinox:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Stormy Withers:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Tawerek:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Team Terratha:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Terranus:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: The Delving Departed:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: The Gobbler:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: The Harrower:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: The Haunting of Tualanan:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: The Key to Knowledge:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Thread Baron:04.03.23
Graceless Victory: Wa'la'kra'na and Pri'ki'ori'ki:04.03.23
Grandmaster Etherealist:05.08.19
Grasping Planar Knowledge:21.08.19
Great Space Coaster:
Greater Ascended:
Greater Faydark Gumshoe:
Greater Malice Raider:
Grimling Annihilator:
Grimling Destroyer:
Grimling Executioner:
Grimling Killer:23.10.15
Grog Snob:30.08.19
Grolla Skullwielder's Demise:02.08.11
Gynok Moltor Mutilator:16.10.09
Halfling Helper:15.10.11
Hallmark Hunter:15.02.10
Hard Days Night:21.03.23
Hard Habit to Break:
Hard to Handle:22.03.23
Harden My Heart:21.03.23
Hardwired to Self-Destruct:21.03.23
Harpy Annihilator:
Harpy Destroyer:
Harpy Executioner:
Harpy Killer:25.09.09
Harvesting in the Dark I:
Harvesting in the Dark II:
Harvesting in the Dark III:
Harvesting in the Dark IV:
Harvesting in the Dark V:
Harvesting in the Dark VI:
Hat Trick Sharp Shooter:14.04.20
Have Shiny, Will Travel:20.02.10
Heart of the Shattered Lands:01.04.20
Hearts Across Faydwer:
Herd Baron:
Herd Master:
Herd Wrangler:
Here Comes the Cursed:16.11.15
Heritage Hound:
Hero of Halas:
Hero of Innocents:
Hero of Karan:
Hero of Light and Magic:
Hero of Shadows and Secrets:02.01.23
Hero of the Far Seas Supply Division :25.10.11
Hero of the Odyssey:
High Keep Body Snatcher:
High Keep Carnage: Grulk, Thrott and Skurge:01.09.19
High Keep Carnage: Horrot, Parvazt, and Chaperon of Nightmares:27.10.15
High Keep Carnage: The Bloodless Incursion:
High Keep Carnage: Tongusk, Gnawbone and Razzak:01.09.19
High Keep Carnage: Tunnelgorger and Tremorax:
High Keep Carnage: Vendeen, Brog and The War Committee:01.09.19
High Keep Carnage: Z'Kara, Zhakull, Xothox and Zothoz:01.09.19
High Planes Drifter:01.08.19
Higher Learning:26.08.19
Highland Hiker:01.03.10
Historically Challenged:
History Buff:25.09.09
Hive Hater:25.09.09
Hoarding Ancient Discoveries:
Hooluk Nest Hero:25.09.09
Hot and Cold:
House Vahla:05.08.19
House Yrzu:02.08.19
I Dropped What I Was Doing:
I Left My Heart In Vetrovia:
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Shinies!:
I gotta have more... quests?:15.06.10
I'll take that!:22.11.09
Icon of Kunark:
Idol of Rallos Zek:18.04.11
If you know what makes them tick...:25.09.09
Iilatus Frostbeard's Demise:23.02.11
Iilatus Frostbeard's Demise (Challenge):29.08.11
Ikatiar's Demise:08.05.12
Illustrious Signature Chaser:
Illustrious Signature Hunter:21.10.15
Immolated Annihilator:
Immolated Destroyer:
Immolated Executioner:
Immolated Killer:18.11.15
Immortal Highlander:23.02.10
Immortal Incinerator:25.09.09
Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise:07.09.11
Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise (Challenge):07.09.11
Imzok Immolator:25.09.09
In the Darkness, Slay Them!:12.01.20
In the Library with the Candlestick...:22.02.10
In the Midst of Battle:03.02.20
In the Midst of Chaos:02.01.20
In the Nick of Time:
Infamous Signature Chaser:18.11.15
Infamous Signature Hunter:26.12.22
Information Repository:11.05.20
Initiate Aberrant Hunter:14.12.15
Initiate Aberrant Slayer:19.05.16
Initiate Aerakyn Hunter:03.11.19
Initiate Aerakyn Slayer:
Initiate Akhevan Hunter:08.11.15
Initiate Akhevan Slayer:03.04.20
Initiate Allu'thoa Hunter:02.11.15
Initiate Allu'thoa Slayer:
Initiate Aviak Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Aviak Slayer:06.03.12
Initiate Bixie Hunter:16.11.13
Initiate Bixie Slayer:
Initiate Brownie Hunter:
Initiate Brownie Slayer:
Initiate Bugbear Hunter:10.10.11
Initiate Bugbear Slayer:
Initiate Cepholex Hunter:10.05.16
Initiate Cepholex Slayer:
Initiate Clockwork Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Clockwork Slayer:13.01.16
Initiate Cursed Elddar Hunter:20.12.22
Initiate Cursed Elddar Slayer:05.02.23
Initiate Cyclops Hunter:14.04.12
Initiate Cyclops Slayer:05.02.23
Initiate Defender of Innocents:08.02.20
Initiate Di'Zok Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Di'Zok Slayer:20.11.13
Initiate Djinn Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Djinn Slayer:
Initiate Droag Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Droag Slayer:25.09.09
Initiate Drolvarg Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Drolvarg Slayer:
Initiate Elemental Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Elemental Slayer:18.02.10
Initiate Fairy Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Fairy Slayer:
Initiate Florphilim Hunter:05.12.22
Initiate Florphilim Slayer:07.02.23
Initiate Froglok Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Froglok Slayer:01.12.10
Initiate Galorian Hunter:07.01.20
Initiate Galorian Slayer:04.02.20
Initiate Giant Hunter:16.11.13
Initiate Giant Slayer:19.04.20
Initiate Gnoll Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Gnoll Slayer:25.09.09
Initiate Goblin Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Goblin Slayer:25.09.09
Initiate Golem Hunter:19.05.16
Initiate Golem Slayer:21.07.16
Initiate Grimling Hunter:27.10.15
Initiate Grimling Slayer:13.03.20
Initiate Harpy Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Harpy Slayer:22.12.22
Initiate Hunter of Innocents:17.01.20
Initiate Immolated Hunter:09.12.15
Initiate Immolated Slayer:08.03.16
Initiate Kobold Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Kobold Slayer:16.02.12
Initiate Marid Hunter:14.10.19
Initiate Marid Slayer:
Initiate Mephlin Hunter:13.08.19
Initiate Mephlin Slayer:
Initiate Nilborien Hunter:13.10.19
Initiate Nilborien Slayer:
Initiate Orc Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Orc Slayer:25.09.09
Initiate Patchcraft Hunter:
Initiate Patchcraft Slayer:
Initiate Planar Elemental Hunter:05.08.19
Initiate Planar Elemental Slayer:04.11.19
Initiate Protector of Innocents:
Initiate Ravasect Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Ravasect Slayer:
Initiate Satyr Hunter:18.04.12
Initiate Satyr Slayer:
Initiate Shik'Nar Hunter:24.12.22
Initiate Shik'Nar Slayer:
Initiate Shissar Hunter:08.01.20
Initiate Shissar Slayer:06.03.20
Initiate Siren Hunter:23.05.13
Initiate Siren Slayer:
Initiate Slayer of Innocents:01.07.20
Initiate Slug Hunter:13.08.19
Initiate Slug Slayer:
Initiate Thought Horror Hunter:15.01.20
Initiate Thought Horror Slayer:17.03.20
Initiate Undead Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Undead Slayer:25.09.09
Initiate Urzarach Hunter:01.03.16
Initiate Urzarach Slayer:
Initiate Vampire Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Vampire Slayer:24.11.12
Initiate Werewolf Hunter:30.10.15
Initiate Werewolf Slayer:
Initiate Wilder Hunter:02.11.19
Initiate Wilder Slayer:
Initiate Yha-lei Hunter:25.09.09
Initiate Yha-lei Slayer:31.12.11
Innothule's Own:25.09.09
Iron Shatterer:11.10.11
Is Another Man's Treasure:
Is There Anybody Up There?:
Is it need or is it greed?:26.02.10
It Takes a Village:05.01.20
It Wasn't My Vault:23.12.19
It's Over 9000!:
It's So Magical!:02.08.19
It's a City Way to Go:
It's a Rumble:08.01.20
It's an Expansive Expanse:22.12.22
It's an Expensive Expanse:
It's an Extravagant Expanse:30.12.22
Items of the Past:
Jarsath Journeyman:17.11.10
Jarsath's Javelin:25.09.09
Jeweled Bird:03.09.11
Journeyman Etherealist:28.07.19
Jungle Bungle, Time to Rumble:01.12.22
Just being friendly!:
Just gotta keep on Questin'!:18.04.12
Karuupa Communique:
Karuupa Me Once:08.03.23
Karuupa Me Twice:08.03.23
Kelorek'Dar's Demise:19.04.20
Kerran Krafter:21.02.10
Killer of Innocents:20.12.19
King Drayek's Killer:16.11.13
King Tormax's Demise:29.08.11
King Tormax's Demise (Challenge):12.04.12
Klak'Anon King Killer:25.09.09
Knee Deep in Quests:
Knee Deep in the Hoopla:23.12.22
Knowledge Hunter:25.09.09
Kobold Annihilator:
Kobold Destroyer:
Kobold Executioner:
Kobold Killer:25.09.09
Kraytoc's Demise:09.09.11
Kraytoc's Demise (Challenge):05.10.11
Kreegar Krikneck's Demise:22.06.11
Kreegar Krikneck's Demise (Challenge):01.09.11
Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:30.08.19
Kunark Ascending:26.08.19
Kunark Cavern Crawler:
Kunzar Wanderer:25.09.09
Kunzar's Edge:25.09.09
Kurpep Killer:25.09.09
Kylong Wayfarer:17.11.10
Kylong's Katana:25.09.09
Laboratory Liberator:25.09.09
Lavastorm Lover:
Lavastorm Nomad:25.09.09
Leave Your Fiends Behind:
Legacy of Power:09.08.19
Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise:20.05.11
Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise (Challenge):29.08.11
Legend of Kunark:16.12.09
Legendary Lore Hunter:
Lesser Faydark Falconer:25.09.09
Lesser Faydark Vagabond:17.11.10
Let Go Of My Echo:
Let's Go Antiquing:28.07.19
Level 10 Overseer:18.04.20
Level 15 Overseer:14.05.20
Level 20 Overseer:29.06.20
Level 25 Overseer:18.01.23
Level 5 Overseer:15.04.20
Leviathan Lacerator:25.09.09
Light Dungeon Crawler:
Links to the Past:29.08.19
Living Tomb Entomber:10.10.11
Lookie What I Found!:13.03.23
Loping Plains Pilgrim:17.11.10
Loping Plains Pursuer:25.09.09
Lord of Faydwer:10.10.11
Lord of the Dice:10.03.23
Lord of the Quests:
Lore Delver in Terrors of Thalumbra:24.11.15
Love Is Eternal:
Love Is Magic in the Planes of Prophecy:
Love on an Elevator:17.02.16
Love on the Shattered Seas:
Love's Avenger:03.10.11
Lullaby for Wyrmkind:24.09.10
Luminous Flora and Fauna:27.01.16
Lunar Harvester I:22.12.19
Lunar Harvester II:06.02.20
Lunar Harvester III:
Lunar Harvester IV:
Lunar Harvester V:
Lunar Harvester VI:
Made in Aurelian Coast:
Mage Conquest I:08.08.10
Mage Conquest II:08.08.10
Mage Conquest III:08.08.10
Mage Conquest IV:10.08.10
Mage Conquest IX:
Mage Conquest V:
Mage Conquest VI:
Mage Conquest VII:
Mage Conquest VIII:
Mage Conquest X:
Magic Quester:05.08.19
Magnificent Signature Pursuer:27.12.22
Magnificent Signature Stalker:07.08.19
Maj'Dul Madcap:25.09.09
Maj'Dul Monitor:
Majora's Misery:21.05.11
Make That A Bouquet:18.02.20
Maldura Daily Essentials:27.01.16
Malduran Defender:19.11.15
Malice Raider:29.10.15
Malteor Flamecaller's Demise:25.04.12
Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage:18.03.11
Marcus Masher:25.09.09
Marid Annihilator:
Marid Destroyer:
Marid Executioner:
Marid Killer:13.08.19
Master Aberrant Hunter:10.02.16
Master Aberrant Slayer:
Master Aerakyn Hunter:
Master Aerakyn Slayer:
Master Akhevan Hunter:29.01.20
Master Akhevan Slayer:
Master Allu'thoa Hunter:
Master Allu'thoa Slayer:
Master Aviak Hunter:31.08.11
Master Aviak Slayer:
Master Bixie Hunter:02.02.20
Master Bixie Slayer:
Master Brownie Hunter:
Master Brownie Slayer:
Master Bugbear Hunter:
Master Bugbear Slayer:
Master Cepholex Hunter:
Master Cepholex Slayer:
Master Clockwork Hunter:15.11.13
Master Clockwork Slayer:
Master Collector of Shinies:
Master Cursed Elddar Hunter:01.01.23
Master Cursed Elddar Slayer:
Master Cyclops Hunter:07.12.22
Master Cyclops Slayer:
Master Defender of Innocents:
Master Di'Zok Hunter:27.11.11
Master Di'Zok Slayer:
Master Djinn Hunter:
Master Djinn Slayer:
Master Droag Hunter:25.09.09
Master Droag Slayer:18.11.13
Master Drolvarg Hunter:16.11.15
Master Drolvarg Slayer:
Master Elemental Hunter:25.09.09
Master Elemental Slayer:23.02.12
Master Etherealist:01.08.19
Master Fairy Hunter:18.02.13
Master Fairy Slayer:
Master Florphilim Hunter:05.01.23
Master Florphilim Slayer:
Master Froglok Hunter:25.09.09
Master Froglok Slayer:
Master Galorian Hunter:26.01.20
Master Galorian Slayer:21.05.20
Master Giant Hunter:05.10.19
Master Giant Slayer:
Master Gnoll Hunter:25.09.09
Master Gnoll Slayer:
Master Goblin Hunter:25.09.09
Master Goblin Slayer:
Master Golem Hunter:15.06.16
Master Golem Slayer:16.05.20
Master Grimling Hunter:12.01.20
Master Grimling Slayer:
Master Harpy Hunter:31.07.12
Master Harpy Slayer:
Master Hunter of Innocents:28.03.20
Master Immolated Hunter:19.01.16
Master Immolated Slayer:
Master Kobold Hunter:12.07.11
Master Kobold Slayer:
Master Lore Hunter:
Master Marid Hunter:
Master Marid Slayer:
Master Mephlin Hunter:10.04.20
Master Mephlin Slayer:
Master Nilborien Hunter:
Master Nilborien Slayer:
Master Orc Hunter:25.09.09
Master Orc Slayer:31.01.23
Master Patchcraft Hunter:
Master Patchcraft Slayer:
Master Planar Elemental Hunter:14.10.19
Master Planar Elemental Slayer:
Master Protector of Innocents:
Master Ravasect Hunter:
Master Ravasect Slayer:
Master Satyr Hunter:
Master Satyr Slayer:
Master Shik'Nar Hunter:
Master Shik'Nar Slayer:
Master Shiny Hunter:
Master Shissar Hunter:29.01.20
Master Shissar Slayer:
Master Signature Pursuer:
Master Signature Stalker:17.09.19
Master Siren Hunter:02.11.19
Master Siren Slayer:
Master Slayer of Innocents:
Master Slug Hunter:
Master Slug Slayer:
Master Strike Master:25.09.09
Master Thought Horror Hunter:13.02.20
Master Thought Horror Slayer:
Master Undead Hunter:25.09.09
Master Undead Slayer:21.01.10
Master Urzarach Hunter:
Master Urzarach Slayer:
Master Vampire Hunter:18.06.11
Master Vampire Slayer:
Master Werewolf Hunter:
Master Werewolf Slayer:
Master Wilder Hunter:
Master Wilder Slayer:
Master Yha-lei Hunter:03.02.11
Master Yha-lei Slayer:
Master no more this master of yore...:16.04.20
Master of Faydwer:10.10.11
Master of Lore and Legends!:10.04.12
Master of Mara:25.09.09
Master of Marus:22.06.10
Master of Miragul's Phylactery:25.09.09
Mauling Maulhammer:19.07.11
Meldrath Miner:25.09.09
Menagerie Magnate:
Menagerie Master:
Mental Floss:05.02.23
Mephlin Annihilator:
Mephlin Destroyer:
Mephlin Executioner:
Mephlin Killer:12.08.19
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth:21.03.12
Might in the Night:13.03.23
Miragul Mauler:29.07.10
Mischeva's Champion:
Mission Controller:
Mission Critical:
Mission Impeccable:
Mission Imperceivable:
Mission Implausible:
Mission Impossible:23.03.20
Mission Improbable:19.01.20
Missions Accomplished:
Mistmoore's Marauder:08.05.12
Mistress of Rage (Avatar):30.07.13
Monkey Business:09.02.23
Monumental Signature Chaser:04.12.22
Monumental Signature Pursuer:14.08.19
Monumental Signature Stalker:
Moon Marooned:19.01.20
More Brawn for hire:
More Shinies Than Are Dreamt Of...:
Much Seru About Nothing:13.04.20
Mullok Masher:09.10.11
Munzok Mangler:22.07.10
Museum Now Opening!:16.11.15
Must Kill Orcs:
Mystery Solver:23.09.11
Mythic Raid: Derugoak:30.10.19
Mythic Raid: Mudmyre:30.10.19
Mythic Raid: Warlord Gintolaken:31.10.19
Mythical Brandisher:17.02.10
Mythical Signature Hunter:08.11.15
Mythical Signature Pursuer:23.12.19
NOW who's the Dummy?:09.02.20
Nathsarian Blade:25.09.09
Nathsarian Rambler:14.08.11
Native Soil:06.11.19
Neighborhood Watch:
Nektropos Annoyance:25.09.09
Nektropos Nuisance:13.10.11
Nektropos Round Two: Ready, FIGHT!:15.10.11
Nektulos Forest Flatfoot:
Nektulos Forest Mercenary:22.08.11
Netherbian Beatin':24.12.19
Never Going to Lose It:16.01.23
New Soles for the March:30.04.13
Night Voyager:17.11.10
Nights of the Dead Devotee:
Nilborien Annihilator:
Nilborien Destroyer:
Nilborien Executioner:
Nilborien Killer:13.08.19
No Love Lost Here:13.02.23
No One But Me! Me!:28.12.22
No Quest for the Weary:
No Time to Scourge Wastes [Solo]:
No one expects the Grand Restoration:16.04.11
Norrath's Fate:25.09.09
Norrath's Hope:16.12.09
Norrathian Air:23.02.11
Novice Adventure Collector:
Novice Dungeoneer:
Obol Seeker:
Obsessive Collector:
Obsessive Compulsive:
Obsessive Questing Disorder:
Obulus Artisan:
Octagorgon Assassin:13.10.11
Odds on Your Side:
Odus Operandi:10.06.10
Odusian Overachiever:18.12.10
One Man's Trash...:
Onus of Odus:
Opening the Books of Knowledge:20.08.19
Orc Annihilator:
Orc Destroyer:
Orc Executioner:
Orc Killer:25.09.09
Orcish Wastes Opportunist:25.09.09
Orcish Wastes Spy:
Order of Sequence:20.12.19
Order of Succession:20.02.20
Ortallius Undertaker:09.10.11
Over Achiever:19.01.10
Over the Moon:
Overgrowth For Both:05.01.23
Overgrowth For Growth:05.12.22
Overking Overthrower:25.09.09
Overlord Talan's Demise:31.07.13
Overlord of the Overrealm:17.11.10
Palace Dragon Polisher:25.09.09
Panda People Person:22.02.10
Passions of Kunark:
Patchcraft Annihilator:
Patchcraft Destroyer:
Patchcraft Executioner:
Patchcraft Killer:
Patriae Pounder:25.09.09
Pawbuster Pounder:16.12.09
Perceptive Collector:24.11.12
Perfect Raid: Aurelian Coast: The Emergent Eclipse:
Perfect Raid: Blood of Luclin:
Perfect Raid: Fordel Midst: Remembrance:
Perfect Raid: Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches:30.03.20
Perfect Raid: The Blinding: Twisted Vista:20.05.20
Perfect Raid: The Blinding: Twisted Vista [Challenge]:
Perfect Raid: Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens:
Perfection Raid: Magmaton:30.10.19
Perfection Raid: The Seventh Hammer:
Permafrost Pruner:11.10.11
Phantasmal Fun!:
Phantom Adventurer:08.11.15
Phylactery Praetor's Plague:25.09.09
Piercing the Darkness:22.12.19
Pillars of Flame Pioneer:17.11.10
Planar Elemental Annihilator:
Planar Elemental Destroyer:
Planar Elemental Executioner:
Planar Elemental Killer:02.08.19
Planar Signature Chaser:
Please Don't Diatonic:23.12.22
Plug It In, Plug It In:14.01.23
Plunderer of Blood of Luclin:
Plunderer of Thalumbra:
Poet's Palace Provoker:25.09.09
Portal Repairman:06.12.09
Potent Potioner:05.06.13
Praefectus Kriegr's Demise:23.05.11
Prevail over Prime Trajin Ghis:20.07.10
Pride Pakiat:01.08.19
Priest Conquest I:08.08.10
Priest Conquest II:08.08.10
Priest Conquest III:08.08.10
Priest Conquest IV:
Priest Conquest IX:
Priest Conquest V:
Priest Conquest VI:
Priest Conquest VII:
Priest Conquest VIII:
Priest Conquest X:
Priestess Denerva Vah'lis' Demise:08.05.13
Primogen Punisher:25.09.09
Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise:27.04.11
Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise (Challenge):29.08.11
Private Eye of the Pillars of Flame:
Progressing Flawlessly I:17.02.23
Progressing Flawlessly II:
Progressing Nicely!:
Protect the Water:04.12.22
Public Crusader:
Public Duty:13.11.19
Public Quest: Long Live the Emperor!:26.08.19
Publicity Stunt:
Pumpkin Pulper:07.11.19
Put Your Quest Foot Forward:
Quartermaster Quarterer:10.10.11
Queen Crusher:25.09.09
Queen Quieter:27.11.11
Quel'ule Quester:21.02.10
Quest 'Em All:12.10.19
Quest Ascension in Kunark:
Quest For Glory:
Quest Obsessed:
Quest Over-Achiever in Scourge Wastes [Solo]:
Quest Over-Achiever in Terrors of Thalumbra:
Quest Over-Achiever in the Scourge Wastes [Heroic]:
Quest Side Story:
Raid: Berenz, the Shattered Blades:30.03.20
Raid: Blood of Luclin Sense of Urgency:
Raid: Corrupted Shadow Assassin [Challenge]:03.06.20
Raid: Corrupted Shadow Summoner [Challenge]:28.07.20
Raid: Dark Xius Lord [Challenge]:28.05.20
Raid: Deactivated Blood of Ssraeshza:09.04.20
Raid: Eom Va Liako Vess [Challenge]:03.06.20
Raid: Kua, Watcher of Wanes:07.04.20
Raid: Lord Triskian Seru:04.03.20
Raid: Luminary Cohortis Emon:03.03.20
Raid: Luminary Hertu Asundri:03.03.20
Raid: Luminary Percontorius Felvin:03.03.20
Raid: Luminary Percontorius Felvin [Challenge]:03.06.20
Raid: Magmaton:30.10.19
Raid: Nhekrin:05.03.20
Raid: Palomidiar Allakhaji:24.03.20
Raid: Pli Va Liako Vess:03.03.20
Raid: Portabellius Shrieker:11.03.20
Raid: Praetorian K'Tikrn :29.01.20
Raid: Praetorian K'Tikrn [Challenge]:13.05.20
Raid: R'thessil and Zeltheen:07.04.20
Raid: Remnant Ferahhal:31.03.20
Raid: Rockhopper Pouncer:27.01.20
Raid: Roris Lacea:25.03.20
Raid: Scrawl:12.03.20
Raid: Shik'Nar Imperiatrix:02.03.20
Raid: Ssyre, the Fading Fire:08.04.20
Raid: Stonegrabber Colossus:27.01.20
Raid: Stonegrabber Colossus [Challenge]:27.05.20
Raid: Tegu, Pegu, and Regu:26.03.20
Raid: The Sambata Champion:12.02.20
Raid: The Sambata Mutant [Challenge]:02.06.20
Raid: The Seventh Hammer:30.10.19
Raid: Thought Horror Aberration [Challenge]:21.05.20
Raid: Thought Horror Overfiend:21.01.20
Raid: Vestigial Broker:11.03.20
Raid: Vyzh'dra the Unleashed [Normal Mode]:05.05.20
Raid: Xi Xia Xius:27.01.20
Raid: the Enraged Rockhopper Pouncer [Challenge]:07.05.20
Raid: the Enraged Shik'Nar Imperiatrix [Challenge]:25.05.20
Raid: the Timeless Golem:07.04.20
Raising Your Potential:21.11.15
Raj'Dur Raiders: Part I:27.01.23
Raj'Dur Raiders: Part II:13.03.23
Ravasect Annihilator:
Ravasect Destroyer:
Ravasect Executioner:
Ravasect Killer:25.09.09
Redemption for Drinal:31.08.19
Ree Rapturer:11.10.11
Reformed Deformer:25.09.09
Reign of Shadows:27.12.22
Reign of Solos I:28.12.22
Reign of Solos II:
Reign of Solos III:
Reign of Solos IV:
Reign of Solos V:
Relic Collector:14.11.10
Remnants of Evacuation:27.01.16
Renew the Plundering:
Renewal Fuel Too:
Renewal of Ro:07.12.22
Repulse Roehn Theer:12.05.10
Rescuer of Innocents:10.01.20
Researcher's Helper I:07.01.20
Researcher's Helper II:28.01.20
Researcher's Helper III:07.12.22
Researcher's Helper IV:
Researcher's Helper V:
Researcher's Helper VI:
Researching 10 Recipes:14.04.12
Researching 100 Recipes:
Researching 1000 Recipes:
Researching 25 Recipes:11.01.13
Researching 5 Recipes:05.02.12
Researching 50 Recipes:11.02.16
Researching 500 Recipes:
Researching Coach C:02.12.12
Researching Coach D:
Researching Coach L:02.05.12
Researching Coach M:
Researching Coach V:14.12.11
Researching Coach X:20.12.11
Researching Coach XXV:16.01.12
Resplendent Signature Chaser:12.08.19
Resplendent Signature Hunter:18.12.19
Resplendent Signature Stalker:
Restored Empyral Quintessence:03.01.20
Restorer of Life:11.01.13
Rhoen Rampager:13.10.09
Ro Your Own Way:
Rockhop to It:20.01.20
Rodcet Nife (Avatar):23.07.13
Rodnan's Requiem:10.04.10
Roehn Theer:03.11.19
Romeo's Got Nothin' on Me:
Rude Guest of Castle Mistmoore:10.10.11
Ruins? What Ruins?:23.12.19
Rujark Ransacker:09.10.11
Ruler Over Rulers:25.09.09
Ruler of Ruination I:
Ruler of Ruination II:
Ruler of Ruination III:
Ruler of Ruination IV:
Ruler of Ruination IX:
Ruler of Ruination V:
Ruler of Ruination VI:
Ruler of Ruination VII:
Ruler of Ruination VIII:
Ruler of Ruination X:
Rulgax Rusher:25.09.09
Rumbly in my Tumbly:03.01.20
Running a Fever:
Sabaron's Demise:31.08.11
Sacred and Safe:04.12.22
Sailing the Phantom Sea:
Sailing the Tranquil Sea:01.03.16
Sanctus Signus:
Sargon the Destructor's Demise:06.09.12
Sathir Slayer:25.09.09
Satyr Annihilator:
Satyr Destroyer:
Satyr Executioner:
Satyr Killer:10.01.10
Savior of Innocents:
Savior of Ro:
Savior of the Odyssey:16.09.10
Scornfeather Scorner:25.09.09
Scornridden Scorcher:25.09.09
Scout Conquest I:08.08.10
Scout Conquest II:08.08.10
Scout Conquest III:08.08.10
Scout Conquest IV:08.08.10
Scout Conquest IX:
Scout Conquest V:
Scout Conquest VI:
Scout Conquest VII:
Scout Conquest VIII:
Scout Conquest X:
Season 2 Overseer:18.04.20
Season 3 Overseer:17.11.22
Secret Agent:27.06.11
Seeker of Knowledge:
Seeker of the Past:25.09.09
Seeking the Golden Paw:02.02.23
Seer's End:25.09.09
Seneschal Slayer:10.10.11
Sensation and Science:28.01.23
Sense of Urgency Raid: Aurelian Coast: The Emergent Eclipse:15.04.20
Sense of Urgency Raid: Fordel Midst: Remembrance:07.05.20
Sense of Urgency Raid: Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches:31.03.20
Sense of Urgency Raid: The Blinding: Twisted Vista:16.04.20
Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:17.05.20
Sense of Urgency: Anchor of Bazzul:14.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Cavern of the Afflicted:10.01.10
Sense of Urgency: Chelsith:31.12.11
Sense of Urgency: Debone Bonewing:25.01.12
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Baroddas and Baelon (Challenge):22.02.13
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Bhoughbh Nova-Prime:26.02.16
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Lord Dolg... Doljona... Da... Bob:12.07.11
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Omugra, Thazurus, and Vuzalg:26.08.19
Sense of Urgency: Defeating Sullon Zek (Challenge):29.08.12
Sense of Urgency: Defeating the Crystalline Queen:26.10.11
Sense of Urgency: Defeating the Siren Queen (Advanced Solo):13.05.13
Sense of Urgency: Drunder:
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Arcane Research Halls:28.02.10
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Library:22.02.10
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Raid:12.05.10
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Raid (Hard Mode):
Sense of Urgency: Erudin Royal Palace:19.06.10
Sense of Urgency: Escaping the Shadows:31.10.11
Sense of Urgency: Evernight Abbey:22.11.12
Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:03.11.19
Sense of Urgency: Frenetic Seeker of the Sentinel's Fate:
Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:17.05.20
Sense of Urgency: Halls of the Fallen:12.11.10
Sense of Urgency: Halls of the Forsaken:28.07.19
Sense of Urgency: Harrowed Soul:13.06.13
Sense of Urgency: Here Comes the Cursed:16.11.15
Sense of Urgency: Heroic Harbinger of the Odyssey:
Sense of Urgency: Idol of Rallos Zek:02.09.11
Sense of Urgency: King Tormax's Demise:07.09.11
Sense of Urgency: Kraytoc's Demise:10.11.11
Sense of Urgency: Krelgrek Crag-Chair's Demise:30.08.19
Sense of Urgency: Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void:17.01.10
Sense of Urgency: Maiden's Chamber:29.11.09
Sense of Urgency: Mauling Maulhammer:19.07.11
Sense of Urgency: Miragul's Planar Shard:29.07.10
Sense of Urgency: Mistmyr Manor:08.05.12
Sense of Urgency: Munzok's Material Bastion:22.07.10
Sense of Urgency: Najena's Hollow Tower:12.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Necrotic Asylum:16.01.12
Sense of Urgency: No one expects the Grand Restoration:16.04.11
Sense of Urgency: Obelisk of Ahkzul:12.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Palace of Ferzhul:27.08.19
Sense of Urgency: Palace of Sabaron:31.08.11
Sense of Urgency: Palace of the Ancient One:26.02.10
Sense of Urgency: Praefectus Kriegr's Demise:23.05.11
Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:03.11.19
Sense of Urgency: Ravenscale Repository:08.05.12
Sense of Urgency: Redemption for Drinal:31.08.19
Sense of Urgency: Rise of Kunark:
Sense of Urgency: Risk Taker of the Rise of Kunark:
Sense of Urgency: Scion of Ice:05.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Sentinel's Fate:
Sense of Urgency: Shard of Hate:03.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Spectral Librarian Emiida:21.10.11
Sense of Urgency: The Anathema:10.01.10
Sense of Urgency: The Crucible:10.01.10
Sense of Urgency: The Crypt of Agony:20.11.13
Sense of Urgency: The Curse is Broken:30.09.11
Sense of Urgency: The Deep Forge:08.12.09
Sense of Urgency: The Executioner's Throne Room:16.12.09
Sense of Urgency: The Hole: Demitrik's Bastion:24.02.16
Sense of Urgency: The Hole: Spirit's Resonance:18.12.10
Sense of Urgency: The Hole: The Outer Vault:22.06.10
Sense of Urgency: The Lower Corridors:13.11.10
Sense of Urgency: The Protector's Realm:07.10.10
Sense of Urgency: The Shadow Odyssey:16.09.10
Sense of Urgency: The Vigilant: Incursion:09.04.10
Sense of Urgency: The Vigilant: Rescue:22.06.10
Sense of Urgency: Tomb of the Mad Crusader:11.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Tower of Frozen Shadow:16.11.15
Sense of Urgency: Toxxulia's Lair (Hard Mode):02.09.10
Sense of Urgency: Toxxulia's Mound:16.03.10
Sense of Urgency: Tribunus-Prime Hagandr's Demise:03.04.12
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Laboratory:20.06.10
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs:29.07.10
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Conservatory:02.03.10
Sense of Urgency: Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella:15.06.10
Sense of Urgency: Veeshan's Peak:
Sense of Urgency: Venril Sathir's Lair:16.12.09
Sense of Urgency: Ward of Elements:26.02.10
Sense of Urgency: Warmaster Deynka Packlasher's Demise:31.10.11
Sense of Urgency: Warmaster Korok Hai's Demise:19.10.11
Sense of Urgency: Xalgoti's Demise:06.04.11
Sense of Urgency: Ykesha's Inner Stronghold:16.09.10
Sense of Urgency: Ykesha's Outer Stronghold:27.08.19
Sense of Urgency: Zarrakon's Abyssal Lair:11.02.10
Sepulcher Slaughterer:10.10.11
Sevalak of Storms' Demise:16.04.20
Sevalak of Storms' Demise (Sense of Urgency):16.04.20
Sevalor Gorescale's Demise:24.04.12
Seven Years Bad Luck:06.04.11
Shade Overshadower:25.09.09
Shade Signer:
Shadow Dungeon Crawler:29.12.22
Shadow of the Night:25.09.09
Shadows Stalker:02.01.23
Shadows of the Night:05.02.23
Shark Bait:30.08.19
Sharked the Jump:
Shattered Dawn:23.12.19
Shattered Seas:08.11.15
Shik'Nar Annihilator:
Shik'Nar Destroyer:
Shik'Nar Executioner:
Shik'Nar Killer:25.02.20
Shin Swashbuckler:22.08.11
Shiny Hunter:25.09.09
Shipyard Savior:25.10.09
Shissar Annihilator:
Shissar Destroyer:
Shissar Executioner:
Shissar Killer:23.12.19
Shorthanded Mythic Raid: Derugoak:30.10.19
Shorthanded Mythic Raid: Mudmyre:30.10.19
Shorthanded Mythic Raid: Warlord Gintolaken:31.10.19
Shorthanded Raid: Berenz, the Shattered Blades:30.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Corrupted Shadow Summoner [Challenge]:28.07.20
Shorthanded Raid: Dark Xius Lord [Challenge]:08.07.20
Shorthanded Raid: Deactivated Blood of Ssraeshza:09.04.20
Shorthanded Raid: Kua, Watcher of Wanes:27.04.20
Shorthanded Raid: Lord Triskian Seru:04.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Luminary Cohortis Emon:30.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Luminary Hertu Asundri:30.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Luminary Percontorius Felvin:30.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Magmaton:30.10.19
Shorthanded Raid: Nhekrin:05.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Palomidiar Allakhaji:30.04.20
Shorthanded Raid: Portabellius Shrieker:18.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Praetorian K'Tikrn :03.02.20
Shorthanded Raid: R'thessil and Zeltheen:04.05.20
Shorthanded Raid: Remnant Ferahhal:04.05.20
Shorthanded Raid: Rockhopper Pouncer:03.02.20
Shorthanded Raid: Roris Lacea:15.07.20
Shorthanded Raid: Scrawl:15.07.20
Shorthanded Raid: Shik'Nar Imperiatrix:02.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Ssyre, the Fading Fire:08.04.20
Shorthanded Raid: Stonegrabber Colossus:03.02.20
Shorthanded Raid: Tegu, Pegu, and Regu:15.07.20
Shorthanded Raid: The Seventh Hammer:30.10.19
Shorthanded Raid: Thought Horror Overfiend:21.01.20
Shorthanded Raid: Vestigial Broker:18.03.20
Shorthanded Raid: Xi Xia Xius:03.02.20
Shorthanded Raid: the Timeless Golem:04.05.20
Shorthanded Victory: Adkar Vyx:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Aereon:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Azara the Seer:13.06.10
Shorthanded Victory: Captain Ikalus:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Demetrius Crane:21.06.11
Shorthanded Victory: Doomcoil:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Dreadlord D'Somni:21.06.11
Shorthanded Victory: Drunder:
Shorthanded Victory: Energized Taehric Construct:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Ernax Heridion:14.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Erudin Palace:
Shorthanded Victory: Field General Uktap:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Graden:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Gynok Moltor:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Haephaus:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Haraakat the Seer:14.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Horraastaas:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Iilsaad's Barrier:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Imzok's Revenge:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Iztapa Vyx:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Kael:07.09.11
Shorthanded Victory: Kendis Parmare:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Kultak the Cruel:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Lieutenant Buldoral:13.06.10
Shorthanded Victory: Ludmilla Kystov:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Maalus Shadowfyre:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Malevolence and Ire:21.08.11
Shorthanded Victory: Mandoril, Medorius, and Mikla:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Mandoril, Medorius, and Mikla (Hard Mode):
Shorthanded Victory: Master P'Tasa:21.06.11
Shorthanded Victory: Master Syfak:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Master Yael:16.04.20
Shorthanded Victory: Mosaasus :16.04.20
Shorthanded Victory: Munzok's Material Bastion:
Shorthanded Victory: Ozyk:17.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Penda Parmare:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Regulus and Regulas:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Rise of Kunark:
Shorthanded Victory: Ritualist Sqilak:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Roehn Theer (Order):26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Saalax:16.04.20
Shorthanded Victory: Sara Greenheart:14.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Senior Loyalist Tilas:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Sentinel's Fate:
Shorthanded Victory: Shard of Hate:
Shorthanded Victory: Strange Stalker:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: The Hole:
Shorthanded Victory: The Protector's Realm:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: The Scavanator:24.11.10
Shorthanded Victory: The Shadow Odyssey:
Shorthanded Victory: Theerax the Enforcer:16.04.20
Shorthanded Victory: Thet-em-aua:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Tomb of the Mad Crusader:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Tower of Frozen Shadow:
Shorthanded Victory: Toxxulia:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Toxxulia's Mound:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Tyrannus the Dark:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Umzok:17.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Uthgar, Aaskas, and Maakat:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Vaclaz:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Vasty Deep:
Shorthanded Victory: Vernox the Insatiable:14.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Vuulan:26.08.19
Shorthanded Victory: Wymbulu Vyx:07.10.10
Shorthanded Victory: Wyrmlord Zaos:12.08.10
Shorthanded Victory: Wyvernlord Tuluun:30.08.10
Shorthanded Victory: Xebnok the Wretched:27.02.10
Shorthanded Victory: Xilaxis the Explorer:14.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Ykesha:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Ykesha's Inner Stronghold:22.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Yzlak:17.09.10
Shorthanded Victory: Zarrakon:09.07.10
Shorthanded Victory: Zykluk Vyx:07.10.10
Shorthanded: Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise:07.09.11
Shorthanded: Arch Magistor Modrfrost's Demise (Challenge):19.04.20
Shorthanded: Arreken Skyward's Demise:16.04.20
Shorthanded: Balor the Primeval's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Belkreiz Blazeclaw's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Brendegor Bitelimb's Demise:09.09.11
Shorthanded: Caella of the Pearl's Demise:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Corpsemongering:23.07.11
Shorthanded: Dagarn's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Amalgamon:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Defeating Bastion:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Bereth Mathias:12.05.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Bhoughbh Model XVII:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Brunhildre the Wench:30.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Caerina the Lost:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Captain Graybeard:05.07.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Charanda:30.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Charrid the Mindwarper:15.12.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Crohp the Mighty:16.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Cronnin the Axe and Dellmun the Hammer:12.04.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Danacio the Witchdoctor:30.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Diabo, Va, and Centi Kela'Set:04.11.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Drels Ma'Gor:18.04.20
Shorthanded: Defeating Electroshock Grinder VIII:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Fitzpitzle:26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating Gloust M'ra:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin, and Yermon:04.11.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Hovercopter Hingebot:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Hragdold the Frenzied:17.11.11
Shorthanded: Defeating Jorik the Scourge:19.04.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Karith'Ta:20.04.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Kerridicus Searskin:29.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Kiernun the Lyrical:12.05.16
Shorthanded: Defeating King Lockt:16.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating MCP-Powered Pulsar:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Master of the Guard:02.01.13
Shorthanded: Defeating Mazarine the Queen:18.04.20
Shorthanded: Defeating Melanie Everling:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Morin the Swindler and Barin the Brute:26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating Mrogr Bloodtaint:17.11.11
Shorthanded: Defeating Ojuti the Vile:17.06.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Oligar of the Dead:26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating Omugra, Thazurus, and Vuzalg:26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating Pharinich the Forlorn:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Pirate Shaman Snaggletooth:30.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Ragebourne Gregor Haldane:17.11.11
Shorthanded: Defeating Sarinich the Wretched:13.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Sath'Oprusk:13.07.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Sentinel XXI:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Short-Circuited Construct Bot:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Silis On'Va:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Sorrn Dontro:19.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating Teraradus the Gorer:29.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating The Crumbling Icon:29.10.15
Shorthanded: Defeating The Enraged Imp:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating The Fear Feaster:13.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating The Forge Golem:05.07.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Tuzerk:26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating Uigirf, Htardlem, and Omzzem:12.05.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Wedge Tinderton:16.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Ynonngozzz'Koolbh:14.07.16
Shorthanded: Defeating Zylphax the Shredder:05.11.15
Shorthanded: Defeating Zzalazziz :26.08.19
Shorthanded: Defeating the Ancient Sentinel:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Defeating the Construct of Souls:14.12.12
Shorthanded: Defeating the Iron Forged Constructs:19.04.16
Shorthanded: Defeating the Malfunctioning Slaver:31.03.16
Shorthanded: Defeating the Polliwog:14.07.16
Shorthanded: Durtung the Arm of War:21.07.16
Shorthanded: Eirreen the Broken's Demise:26.09.11
Shorthanded: Entrancer Lisha and the Enslaver Eels' Demise:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Fergul the Protector:28.04.16
Shorthanded: Gen'ra's Demise:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Iilatus Frostbeard's Demise:28.07.11
Shorthanded: Ikatiar's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise:07.09.11
Shorthanded: Imperator Kolskeggr's Demise (Challenge):19.04.20
Shorthanded: Kelorek'Dar's Demise:19.04.20
Shorthanded: King Tormax's Demise:07.09.11
Shorthanded: Kraytoc's Demise:26.09.11
Shorthanded: Kreegar Krikneck's Demise:09.09.11
Shorthanded: Kreelit, the Caller of Hounds:28.06.16
Shorthanded: Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise:07.09.11
Shorthanded: Legatus Prime Milkill's Demise (Challenge):19.04.20
Shorthanded: Malteor Flamecaller's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Priestess Denerva Vah'lis' Demise:19.04.20
Shorthanded: Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise:07.09.11
Shorthanded: Primus Pilus Gunnr's Demise (Challenge):17.01.12
Shorthanded: Sargon the Destructor's Demise:16.04.20
Shorthanded: Sevalak of Storms' Demise:16.04.20
Shorthanded: Sevalor Gorescale's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Taaltak the Mighty's Demise:09.09.11
Shorthanded: Tel'koran Bloodmaw's Demise:23.04.12
Shorthanded: Tert Turganpuncher's Demise:09.09.11
Shorthanded: The Butler Did It!:23.07.11
Shorthanded: Theldek the Stinger's Demise:27.10.15
Shorthanded: Turning a Frown Upside Down:23.07.11
Shorthanded: Unmasking the Truth:23.07.11
Shorthanded: Xalgoti:23.07.11
Shorthanded: Zorglim the Departed:23.07.11
Sight But No Vision:
Sign on the dotted line...:25.09.09
Signature Grandmaster:26.11.12
Silence the Scalekeeper:18.12.10
Singing In The Reign:03.01.23
Sink, Sink:14.10.19
Sink, Sink, Sink:02.02.20
Sinking Sands Scrutinizer:
Sinking Sands Settler:12.10.09
Siren Annihilator:
Siren Destroyer:
Siren Executioner:
Siren Killer:08.05.13
Sizzle, Sizzle:13.08.19
Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle:05.02.20
Skyshrine Savior:25.06.12
Skyshrine Souvenir Spotter:05.05.20
Skyshrine: City of Dracur:13.06.12
Sleeper's Tomb: A Temporal Leap:04.01.13
Sleeper's Tomb: The Awakening:30.08.19
Slug Annihilator:
Slug Destroyer:
Slug Executioner:
Slug Killer:06.03.16
Spectral Librarian Emiida:18.08.11
Spire Flier:
Spoils of Vetrovia:31.12.22
Stable Hand:26.04.11
Star Destroyer:21.05.11
Star of Ro:
Steamfont Searcher:17.11.10
Steamfont Secret Service:25.09.09
Stormer of Stormhold:01.06.10
Stowaways' Misfortune:30.10.15
Subdue Perah'Celsis:03.06.10
Successful Raj'Dur Raider:
Sundered Frontiersman:10.06.10
Superior Malice Raider:
Superior Sense of Urgency: Ahrmatal the Scorcher's Demise:17.05.20
Superior Sense of Urgency: Fherin the Ancient's Demise:03.11.19
Superior Sense of Urgency: General Graknus's Demise:17.05.20
Superior Sense of Urgency: Queen Meacidaris's Demise:03.11.19
Svarni Scrawl:
Sweet Sassy Molassy:30.08.19
Swimming Under The Influence:
T'Lon's Trasher:08.05.12
Taaltak the Mighty's Demise:11.08.11
Taaltak the Mighty's Demise (Challenge):01.09.11
Tag, You're It... I:
Tag, You're It... II:
Tag, You're It... III:
Tag, You're It... IV:
Tag, You're It... IX:
Tag, You're It... V:
Tag, You're It... VI:
Tag, You're It... VII:
Tag, You're It... VIII:
Tag, You're It... X:
Tairiza Trouncer:16.12.09
Talented Tinkerer:28.10.19
Tel'koran Bloodmaw's Demise:23.04.12
Tender Traps in Obulus Frontier:
Tending to the Scar:13.05.13
Tenebrous Tangle Trailblazer:25.09.09
Terra, Terra:13.08.19
Terra, Terra, Terra:05.02.20
Tert Turganpuncher's Demise:09.09.11
Tert Turganpuncher's Demise (Challenge):01.09.11
Thagglor Thrasher:25.09.09
Thalumbra Lovers Do It Deep:
That Thing is Poison:10.01.20
The Arcanna'se Crafter:16.08.19
The Ascended:
The Avatar of Shinies:
The Butler Did It!:02.03.11
The Collection Agent:
The Collection Chaser:
The Collection Curator:
The Crocodile Hunter:13.10.09
The Curse is Broken:30.09.11
The Doctor is In:20.06.10
The Few, The Forlorn:08.03.23
The Fewer, the Forlornly:16.01.23
The Fire is Dire, the Pyre is Higher:27.12.22
The Frillik Tide:27.07.19
The Gift That Keeps on Giving:06.02.23
The Gist of Things:22.12.22
The Lion Sleeps Tonight:22.12.22
The Long Dark:25.12.22
The Mission is the Mission:07.12.22
The Pinnacle:03.11.15
The Ring War:09.04.11
The Shining Example:
The Shiny Eyed Monster:
The Shiny Stalker:
The Sparkle Spotter:
The Sparkling Success:
The Sultan's Dagger:07.01.23
The Task of Tome:25.12.22
The Wind That Shakes the Melee:30.08.19
Theldek the Stinger's Demise:24.04.12
There Can Be Only One:
This Achievement will self-destruct in five seconds.:05.06.10
Those Ruins Over There.:08.01.20
Thought Horror Annihilator:
Thought Horror Destroyer:
Thought Horror Executioner:
Thought Horror Killer:04.01.20
Through the Belly of the Beast:25.12.22
Through the Blinding Light:
Thundering Steppes Scout:22.08.11
Thundering Steppes Sleuth:
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise:21.04.12
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise (Sense of Urgency):21.12.13
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise (Solo):23.05.12
Tigloth the Conqueror's Demise (Solo) (Sense of Urgency):23.05.12
Till Death Do They Part:
Time Liquidator:10.10.11
Time Traveler:21.03.12
Times' Self Made Audible:22.12.19
Timorous Deep Traveler:14.08.11
Tip the Sentinel of Balance (Hard Mode):
Too Cruel Renewal:13.03.23
Too Much Bust to Dust:07.01.23
Too Much Dust to Bust:27.01.23
Tower Guard I:
Tower Guard II:
Tower Guard III:
Tower Guard IV:
Tower Guard IX:
Tower Guard V:
Tower Guard VI:
Tower Guard VII:
Tower Guard VIII:
Tower Guard X:
Trakanon's Tormenter:25.09.09
Trapper of Twilight:25.09.09
Traverse the Corrupted Forest:22.04.12
Traverse the Divide:09.03.11
Traverse the Eidolon Jungle:11.06.13
Traverse the Obol Plains:11.06.13
Traverse the Wastes:18.04.11
Treasure Quester:02.07.11
Tree? I Am No Tree!:
Tribunus-Prime Hagandr:03.04.12
Trifecta Trampler:27.11.11
Trinket Pursuer:21.10.11
Trinket Tinkerer:28.10.19
Triumph: A Tier Above:
Triumph: A Tier Above Them All:
Triumph: Accursed Sanctum:
Triumph: All Ducks in a Ro [Solo, Heroic I and II]:06.02.23
Triumph: All Together Now:
Triumph: Aurelian Coaster:26.01.20
Triumph: Blame It on the Reign:
Triumph: Blight Upon the Badlands:03.01.23
Triumph: Blinded by the Light [Heroic + Challenge]:
Triumph: Blinding Destroyer:
Triumph: Blindingly Killing:08.01.20
Triumph: Brilliant Butcher:20.01.20
Triumph: Brutal Coaster:20.02.20
Triumph: Brutally Wracked!:25.02.20
Triumph: Copper Cutthroat [Solo]:17.01.23
Triumph: Darkside Explorer:
Triumph: Decimation of Malice:
Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 1):23.12.15
Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 2):14.01.16
Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 3):
Triumph: Decimation of Thalumbra:
Triumph: Diaku Corral Deputy:15.04.20
Triumph: Diaku Corral Outlaw:
Triumph: Diaku Corral Sheriff:
Triumph: Domination of Malice:
Triumph: Echo K.O.:
Triumph: Excursions in the Dark:
Triumph: Front Ro Seat [Heroic I]:14.01.23
Triumph: Hero of Vesspyr:
Triumph: High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion:
Triumph: Hunting the Planes:
Triumph: Illumination Annihilation:
Triumph: Just Deserts:
Triumph: Kill Everything with One Sandstone:
Triumph: Leapin And Hoppin!:
Triumph: Lights Out!:20.02.20
Triumph: Lightside Explorer:
Triumph: Master of Vetrovia:
Triumph: Moon Lander:04.02.20
Triumph: Null and Void [Heroic II]:22.01.23
Triumph: Null and Void [Heroic I]:22.01.23
Triumph: Once in a Blood Moon:
Triumph: Pinnacle of Perfection:
Triumph: Planar Explorer:
Triumph: Planar Punisher [Expert]:
Triumph: Planar Punisher [Heroic]:06.02.20
Triumph: Planar Punisher [Solo]:02.11.19
Triumph: Platinum Punisher [Challenge]:03.01.23
Triumph: Public Knowledge:
Triumph: Reign or Shine:
Triumph: Ro, Ro, Ro Your Gloat [Solo]:24.12.22
Triumph: Save it for Desert [Heroic III]:
Triumph: Saving Grace [Solo]:04.03.23
Triumph: Seize the Keep [Advanced Solo]:
Triumph: Seize the Keep [Heroic]:
Triumph: Silencing the Scourge [Solo]:
Triumph: Stick It Thicket:
Triumph: T. K. Ro [Heroic II]:06.02.23
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan:
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - Halls of the Betrayer:
Triumph: Temple of Veeshan - The Dreadscale's Maw:17.05.20
Triumph: The Blood Seeker:
Triumph: The Merchant Murders:
Triumph: The Quest for Perfection!:
Triumph: To the Monolith, Forthwith!:22.01.23
Triumph: Tough Ro to Hoe [Heroic I and II]:06.02.23
Triumph: Unmeltable!:
Triumph: Vaunted Archivist:
Triumph: Vetrovian Traveler:24.12.22
Triumph: Vetrovian Visionary:
Triumph: Visions of Valor [Solo]:09.03.23
Triumph: Visions of Victory [Solo, Heroic I and II]:
Triumph: Visions of Virtue [Heroic I]:
Triumph: Waiting is the Hardest Part:
Triumph: Walking on the Moon!:
Triumph: Wherever I May Roam:
Triumph: Wieldy Weald:
Triumph: Woe is Plateaus:
Triumph: Wracked!:04.02.20
Trounce Toxxulia (Hard Mode):23.07.10
Tunare (Avatar):06.08.13
Turning a Frown Upside Down:17.03.11
Turtle Dragon Thrasher:27.08.19
Twelfth Anniversary Celebration:23.07.19
Udder Contempt for Trophies:13.11.22
Unblemished Oeuvre:
Uncharted Waters:12.01.20
Undead Annihilator:09.02.20
Undead Destroyer:16.12.10
Undead Executioner:12.05.20
Undead Killer:25.09.09
Underdepths Saga:24.11.15
Undivided Attention to Detail:23.02.11
United We Stand:
Unlock: Audience with the Gods:
Unlock: Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection Access:
Unlock: Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards Access:09.08.19
Unlock: Solusek Ro's Tower: Citadel of the Sun Access:
Unlock: The Mythic Adventure:
Unlock: Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge Access:
Unmasking the Truth:02.03.11
Untamed Lands For One:
Up, Up, and Away!:18.04.12
Urzarach Annihilator:
Urzarach Destroyer:
Urzarach Executioner:
Urzarach Killer:24.10.15
Usurper I:08.08.10
Usurper II:
Usurper III:
Usurper IV:
Usurper IX:
Usurper V:
Usurper VI:
Usurper VII:
Usurper VIII:
Usurper X:
Valdoon Vanquisher:25.09.09
Vampire Annihilator:
Vampire Destroyer:
Vampire Executioner:
Vampire Killer:25.09.09
Vanquish Vuulan:12.03.10
Vanquish the Vice Vigoth:09.04.10
Vanquishing the Chaos Descending:26.08.19
Varsoon Vanquisher:27.08.19
Vault Raider:10.10.11
Vaunted Knowledge [Solo]:20.12.22
Veeshan's Champion:
Veeshan's Crusader:10.10.11
Veeshan's Peak Vindicator:25.09.09
Vegarlson Vandalizer:
Very Successful Raj'Dur Raider:
Vhodeka Prime's Demise:29.11.15
Victor of Vetrovia:31.12.22
Victor over Vark:25.09.09
Victor: Count Valdoon Kel'Novar [Heroic]:30.10.15
Victorious Campaign I:08.08.10
Victorious Campaign II:
Victorious Campaign III:
Victorious Campaign IV:
Victorious Campaign IX:
Victorious Campaign V:
Victorious Campaign VI:
Victorious Campaign VII:
Victorious Campaign VIII:
Victorious Campaign X:
Victory: A Greater Lightcrawler:08.01.20
Victory: A Residual Slime:28.07.19
Victory: A Spectral Beguiler:28.07.19
Victory: Abyssral:06.03.16
Victory: Accursed Custodian:17.05.20
Victory: Acinox:21.11.15
Victory: Adherent Custodian:17.05.20
Victory: Aegaeon, the Violent:06.02.20
Victory: Aelero and Velos Skywing:06.02.20
Victory: Aga-Yagaba:16.01.23
Victory: Ageless Custodian:17.05.20
Victory: Aggregahn:13.08.19
Victory: Agmork the Almighty Angler:06.12.22
Victory: Agrodemus and Sumedorga:08.03.23
Victory: Ahrmatal the Scorcher:17.05.20
Victory: Ahuttam the Sword's Breeze:27.01.23
Victory: Akuzut:05.02.23
Victory: Albusat Alsihriu:07.01.23
Victory: Alisha:21.01.20
Victory: Aluarenon:22.01.20
Victory: Ancient Clockwork Prototype:06.08.19
Victory: Ancient Spectre:03.01.20
Victory: Anirath Andirin:04.12.22
Victory: Anisopt:02.01.23
Victory: Anzarion:13.08.19
Victory: Aqile Akalay:04.12.22
Victory: Arachlord Dyrraga:17.01.23
Victory: Arachlord Dyrraga [Challenge]:03.01.23
Victory: Arch Nemesis Rhag'Nazza:03.01.20
Victory: Archon of Death:03.01.20
Victory: Archon of Life:22.01.20
Victory: Askibin the Darklord:15.01.20
Victory: Auliffe Chaoswind:08.08.19
Victory: Aurorax:13.08.19
Victory: Bagarash:20.11.15
Victory: Baka:04.12.22
Victory: Balrezu:09.08.19
Victory: Bartus Morrand:08.03.23
Victory: Bashida the Blade:04.12.22
Victory: Bazaar Baron Brixwald:02.01.20
Victory: Bazaar Baron Brixwald [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Beaknik:05.02.20
Victory: Beefcake:17.01.23
Victory: Beefcake [Challenge]:03.01.23
Victory: Bhaly Adan:07.08.19
Victory: Black Bolt:16.06.16
Victory: Bladetooth:30.08.19
Victory: Blighthorn:07.08.19
Victory: Bloodlord Durogan:16.01.23
Victory: Bloodmaiden Syvanti:16.01.23
Victory: Bolguwak:03.01.23
Victory: Borahaz:06.12.22
Victory: Bosin:06.12.22
Victory: Bristlebane:17.05.20
Victory: Brutal Bloodbath:27.12.22
Victory: Brutish Brog:26.10.15
Victory: Brutto Ucot [Heroic]:16.04.20
Victory: Brutto Ucot [Solo]:14.04.20
Victory: Bull McCleran:30.08.19
Victory: Bzzkill the Honeymonger:02.02.20
Victory: Caden and Keplin:17.05.20
Victory: Cannibrea:21.12.22
Victory: Captain Berlon Bilgewater:31.08.19
Victory: Captain Terrasque Kel'Avar:02.01.23
Victory: Captain Twoshanks:16.01.23
Victory: Captain Twoshanks [Challenge]:02.01.23
Victory: Captain Vhankmin:28.07.19
Victory: Captain of Fire:15.01.20
Victory: Carrionpicker:07.01.23
Victory: Cer'matal the Gatekeeper:17.05.20
Victory: Cerio Vallain:20.12.19
Victory: Champion of E'ci:14.10.19
Victory: Champion of Marr:02.02.20
Victory: Champion of the Veiled One:14.10.19
Victory: Chaperon of Nightmares:27.10.15
Victory: Chatizad:13.10.19
Victory: Chatizad and Zannaska:13.10.19
Victory: Chief Broglyn:26.12.22
Victory: Chief Dunesea:06.12.22
Victory: Chief Gadzuuks:27.12.22
Victory: Cindrax:09.08.19
Victory: Cleavespine:05.12.22
Victory: Clobberock:21.12.19
Victory: Clockwork Scrounger XVII:06.08.19
Victory: Cluster:04.01.20
Victory: Colonel Gozier:28.07.19
Victory: Corpse Couple:09.03.23
Victory: Corpsetalon:09.03.23
Victory: Corrupted Construct:26.12.22
Victory: Council of Four:13.08.19
Victory: Crusader Palaendor:22.03.23
Victory: Cugdava and Gavitzle Combined:
Victory: Cugdava and Gavitzle II:20.11.15
Victory: Cyclono:13.10.19
Victory: Daedalus the Sunbird:05.02.20
Victory: Daishani:02.02.20
Victory: Darkmarr:15.01.20
Victory: Darwol Adan:07.08.19
Victory: Davi'Th:20.12.22
Victory: Deathpetal:04.01.20
Victory: Dedroz the Decomposer:27.01.23
Victory: Derig the Prime Executioner:17.05.20
Victory: Dichromanus:20.12.19
Victory: Divine Prophet Buffo II:22.12.19
Victory: Doomfire Reaver:15.01.20
Victory: Dread Wraith:28.07.19
Victory: Dremaera Forsaken:21.12.22
Victory: Durtung the Arm of War:07.06.16
Victory: Edrigen the Empowered:21.03.23
Victory: Eegut Stonegut:20.02.20
Victory: Elder Furdock:17.01.23
Victory: Elder Furdock [Challenge]:02.01.23
Victory: Elga Upo [Heroic]:16.04.20
Victory: Elga Upo [Solo]:14.04.20
Victory: Elif Whitewind:08.08.19
Victory: Ercel Bloodpaw:02.01.20
Victory: Ercel Bloodpaw [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Escargore:05.02.20
Victory: Esmerelda Everghast:08.03.23
Victory: Essedara and Jalkhir:17.05.20
Victory: Estryxia:09.08.19
Victory: Etrigon Icefist:13.08.19
Victory: Exorax:05.02.23
Victory: Famyra the Biblioghost:23.12.19
Victory: Farid:05.01.23
Victory: Felazhor Khan:09.03.23
Victory: Felgream the Fist:19.01.20
Victory: Felkruk:07.08.19
Victory: Felnir the Shadow Prowler:27.12.22
Victory: Fergul the Protector:28.04.16
Victory: Fherin the Ancient:03.11.19
Victory: Fiery Effigy of Clotl'thoa:31.08.19
Victory: Fiery Spirit Phoenix Lord:15.01.20
Victory: Financier Fendilix:03.02.20
Victory: Financier Fendilix [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Fire Monger Baltar:08.01.20
Victory: Fire Monger Baltar [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Firemonger Rosnarga:13.08.19
Victory: Flame Overlord:09.08.19
Victory: Florafang:05.01.23
Victory: Forblarg the Foul:27.12.22
Victory: Frindel Sporemiser:28.12.22
Victory: Fungus King Cremini:26.12.22
Victory: Fushuga and Hargan:06.12.22
Victory: Gallopagus:06.12.22
Victory: Galremos:09.08.19
Victory: Ganadan:05.02.23
Victory: Gatekeeper Karatil:08.08.19
Victory: Gaukr Sandstorm:08.08.19
Victory: Gearclaw the Collector:06.08.19
Victory: Gelda Glintswift:17.01.23
Victory: Gelda Glintswift [Challenge]:02.01.23
Victory: Gemmed Guardian:04.04.20
Victory: General Graknus:17.05.20
Victory: General Janosz:28.07.19
Victory: Gharaka:21.12.22
Victory: Ghest Roppep:08.01.20
Victory: Ghest Roppep [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Glaucos of the Sink:13.08.19
Victory: Glimmerstone:13.08.19
Victory: Glitched Cell Keeper:06.08.19
Victory: Globjowls:04.02.20
Victory: Gloombeast Azrinax:20.02.20
Victory: Glorglan the Hammer:21.01.20
Victory: Gnawbone:01.09.19
Victory: Goretilla:27.12.22
Victory: Gorgorah the Shadowmanic:23.12.19
Victory: Grand Cruciator Typhenon:22.12.19
Victory: Grand Master Glox:13.10.19
Victory: Granight and Company:27.01.23
Victory: Greeneyes:27.12.22
Victory: Grimalda Goodhand:17.01.23
Victory: Grimalda Goodhand [Challenge]:02.01.23
Victory: Grobnor the Elder Orb:06.02.20
Victory: Grogmaga:30.08.19
Victory: Grogmogo:30.08.19
Victory: Growlfear:02.01.23
Victory: Grrrunk the Trunk:08.01.20
Victory: Grrrunk the Trunk [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Grugnop, the Guard:02.01.20
Victory: Grugnop, the Guard [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Grulk the Ruthless:26.10.15
Victory: Grumblugtin and Friends:09.03.23
Victory: Grumpy Jack:22.01.20
Victory: Gryme:07.08.19
Victory: Haggle Baron Dalnir:26.07.19
Victory: Heaper:02.02.20
Victory: Heerbagha:30.01.20
Victory: High Dragoon V'Aliar:07.08.19
Victory: High Shikari Olyxa:09.03.23
Victory: Hinokawu:09.03.23
Victory: Hirpo the Frosted Spine:13.08.19
Victory: Hopper the Blood-Drenched:27.12.22
Victory: Horrot the Horrific:26.10.15
Victory: Hreidar and Torstien:08.08.19
Victory: Inquisitor Barol:08.08.19
Victory: Irdul of the Glacier:17.05.20
Victory: Izanahm the Rooted:02.02.20
Victory: Izzak Sira:28.07.19
Victory: Jabloz:06.11.19
Victory: Jennre Warsinger:22.01.23
Victory: Jiva:09.08.19
Victory: Kaasssrelik the Afflicted:17.05.20
Victory: Kamara Zar:02.02.20
Victory: Kartur:21.12.22
Victory: Keeper of Past Lore:08.08.19
Victory: Kerem B'ayet:04.12.22
Victory: Khadra Chatt:05.01.23
Victory: Khap:20.01.20
Victory: Kigara the Blazewing and Kelana the Frostwing:17.05.20
Victory: Kigathor Stonebark:14.01.23
Victory: Killmodo:26.12.22
Victory: Klechin Darkfist:26.01.20
Victory: Klesula, the Scorched:25.02.20
Victory: Koni Ferus and Pete Bog:13.08.19
Victory: Kor Va Xian:08.01.20
Victory: Kreelit, the Caller of Hounds:29.04.16
Victory: Kreigor:02.02.20
Victory: Krel Korek Mal:09.03.23
Victory: Krelburn:01.12.22
Victory: Krinas Bledso:08.03.23
Victory: Krogon:05.12.22
Victory: Krogrock the Earthcrasher:02.11.19
Victory: Kujex:05.12.22
Victory: Kuklik:20.12.22
Victory: Kwillix Quickshot:28.12.22
Victory: Lady Mirenilla:17.05.20
Victory: Lady Warglave:20.02.20
Victory: Laef Windfall:08.08.19
Victory: Lagrecia Vyl'Tayne:09.03.23
Victory: Lavec Conun'Stah:16.01.23
Victory: Lazzoss:06.12.22
Victory: Leafjaw:05.01.23
Victory: Lesha Needleleaf:05.02.20
Victory: Liegess Lavalle:17.01.23
Victory: Liegess Lavalle [Challenge]:02.01.23
Victory: Lopik Runtbottom:14.01.23
Victory: Lord Feshlak:17.05.20
Victory: Lord Kreizenn:17.05.20
Victory: Lord Triskian Seru:19.02.20
Victory: Lungfire Fiend:02.01.23
Victory: Lysander Mistmoore:22.12.22
Victory: Major Eghonz:28.07.19
Victory: Malachiel Caedor:27.01.23
Victory: Malachiel Caedor, again:24.12.22
Victory: Manacrush:05.02.20
Victory: Mandee and Mannee Quin:03.02.20
Victory: Mandee and Mannee Quin [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Margog, the Destroyer:25.02.20
Victory: Marsun Ledar:26.01.20
Victory: Mean Green and Company:21.12.22
Victory: Migral Strongfeet:06.12.22
Victory: Mister Tickster:24.12.22
Victory: Moggtu the Mad:20.12.19
Victory: Moracar, the Fiend:13.08.19
Victory: Morbigog:27.12.22
Victory: Morgelon, the Wilder:13.08.19
Victory: Mrwar, the Destroyer:07.03.16
Victory: Mudmartigan:02.02.20
Victory: Mungo the Misshapen:21.03.23
Victory: Mustapha Droughtbringer:04.12.22
Victory: Nakka Nakka:08.03.23
Victory: Nazkra:04.11.19
Victory: Neh'Ashiir:28.07.19
Victory: Nehalenea Frostbringer:06.02.20
Victory: Nenmioseh the Night's Eye:22.03.23
Victory: Nerobahan:08.01.20
Victory: Nerobahan [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Nev Dax'Thall:23.12.19
Victory: Nexion the Warmind and Zevorg the Warmonger:22.01.23
Victory: Nok Hakka:27.12.22
Victory: Novilog:04.01.20
Victory: Nremum:25.12.19
Victory: Oceanus the Titan:13.08.19
Victory: Old Witherby:22.12.19
Victory: Old Witherby [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Oororr the Corrupted:09.03.23
Victory: Over-General Vihgoh:28.07.19
Victory: Overseer Razzak:26.10.15
Victory: Parvazt the Handler:26.10.15
Victory: Perisha, the Mistress of Flies:16.01.23
Victory: Pontis Aqueous:13.08.19
Victory: Pork Chop:30.08.19
Victory: Portia Rumuffin:30.08.19
Victory: Powered Mechanization:06.08.19
Victory: Prime Vigoth Ansleborg and her Aman:30.08.19
Victory: Prosperon the Tempest:06.02.20
Victory: Prysmerah, Arx Patrona:19.02.20
Victory: Pterrordax:09.03.23
Victory: Purpyron and Mrokor:02.01.20
Victory: Purpyron and Mrokor [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Pygmy Cannibal Trio:21.12.22
Victory: Pyrefist, Dark Guardian:13.08.19
Victory: Quarez:02.02.20
Victory: Quartermaster Hamid:04.12.22
Victory: Queen Meacidaris:03.11.19
Victory: Ra-Sekjet, the Molten:13.08.19
Victory: Raizyl Pajdu:20.12.19
Victory: Rallius Rattican:07.08.19
Victory: Rancine:07.08.19
Victory: Rarthek the Swiftclaw:17.05.20
Victory: Rath'Girosz and Rath'Argoth:08.01.20
Victory: Rector Droz'Kzar:28.07.19
Victory: Repair Bot 5000:06.08.19
Victory: Retribution of Ro:14.10.19
Victory: Revenant Sthzzzizt:19.01.20
Victory: Rhag'Sekez:10.01.20
Victory: Rhag'Sekez [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Rhag'Voreth:10.01.20
Victory: Rilesurge:02.01.23
Victory: Ripperback:04.01.20
Victory: Rockskin:22.12.19
Victory: Ropscion Mindeye:08.01.20
Victory: Ropscion Mindeye [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Roseblood and Thornblood:22.12.22
Victory: Roughbeak:10.12.22
Victory: Rune Protector Gorok:08.03.23
Victory: Ryryrd of the Wind:02.01.20
Victory: Ryryrd of the Wind [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Sanctus Eternus:03.01.20
Victory: Sanum Ordast:28.01.23
Victory: Scarfeather:01.12.22
Victory: Sea Dog Doogan and Mr. Bilge:30.08.19
Victory: Sentinel Goor:13.10.19
Victory: Sergio [Solo]:15.04.20
Victory: Shade of Vyzh'dra:20.02.20
Victory: Shadow Rhozth Ikeshzi:23.12.19
Victory: Shadowed Abomination:20.02.20
Victory: Shadowed Abomination [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Shadowphage:26.12.22
Victory: Shadowscum:22.03.23
Victory: Shik'Nar Imperiatox:25.02.20
Victory: Shiroth Avinox:27.01.23
Victory: Short Shift:03.02.20
Victory: Short Shift [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Shred of Tashakhi:27.12.22
Victory: Skulkor:09.03.23
Victory: Skurge:27.10.15
Victory: Sludgebile:02.01.23
Victory: Slurpgaloop:02.02.20
Victory: Smiley:19.01.20
Victory: Smithy Xzatik:13.10.19
Victory: So'Valiz:09.08.19
Victory: Sontalak:17.05.20
Victory: Sotek:27.12.22
Victory: Soul Eater Muhg:21.12.22
Victory: Spikesnot the Gall:05.02.20
Victory: Spiritist Karina:27.12.22
Victory: Sporefiend Zugu:26.12.22
Victory: Steena Dragonflyer:28.12.22
Victory: Stenkan, the Monster:08.03.23
Victory: Sterek:14.08.19
Victory: Stonehand:28.01.20
Victory: Stormy Withers:22.03.23
Victory: Subsistent Custodian:17.05.20
Victory: Sypheria the Shackled:22.12.22
Victory: T'valla Rilayne:21.12.22
Victory: Takujo:05.12.22
Victory: Taskmistress Devioth:16.01.23
Victory: Tavekalem:17.05.20
Victory: Tawerek:05.01.23
Victory: Team Terratha:04.12.22
Victory: Telkorenar:17.05.20
Victory: Telvorsinn and Thovalakk:22.01.23
Victory: Terranus:07.01.23
Victory: Terrorclaw:02.01.23
Victory: Tethys All-Mother:06.02.20
Victory: The Ancient Void-Touched Wumpus:22.01.23
Victory: The Architect of Ruin:23.12.19
Victory: The Black King:08.03.23
Victory: The Carrion and Malarian Larvae:07.08.19
Victory: The Deadly Dapperling:20.02.20
Victory: The Deadly Dapperling [Challenge]:02.04.20
Victory: The Delving Departed:20.12.22
Victory: The Desolator:27.12.22
Victory: The Drudge Lord:03.01.20
Victory: The Drudge Lord [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: The Enchanted Sword and Shield:26.07.19
Victory: The Flesh Eater:07.08.19
Victory: The Frenzied Feeder:04.11.19
Victory: The Glitched Guardian 10101 :06.08.19
Victory: The Glutton:26.05.16
Victory: The Gobbler:05.12.22
Victory: The Gooblin King:04.11.19
Victory: The Googantuan:04.11.19
Victory: The Great Gravelly One:05.02.20
Victory: The Harrower:14.01.23
Victory: The Haunting of Tualanan:07.01.23
Victory: The Hurricane:08.08.19
Victory: The Invisible Swordsman [Heroic]:16.04.20
Victory: The Invisible Swordsman [Solo]:14.04.20
Victory: The Joro Siblings [Solo]:14.04.20
Victory: The Junk Beast:06.08.19
Victory: The Key to Knowledge:05.01.23
Victory: The Kly:28.07.19
Victory: The Manaetic Behemoth:06.08.19
Victory: The Matron of Mists:02.02.20
Victory: The Meld of Haze:13.10.19
Victory: The Meld of Vapor:30.08.19
Victory: The Mist Reaver:13.10.19
Victory: The Molten Behemoth:09.08.19
Victory: The Monstrous Mudwalker:13.08.19
Victory: The Needlite Queen:26.12.22
Victory: The Poached Poacher:27.12.22
Victory: The Priestess and her Corpse:22.12.22
Victory: The Rock Collector:28.07.19
Victory: The Sacrificed:28.07.19
Victory: The Shadow Overlord:03.01.20
Victory: The Shadow Overlord [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: The Spelobanzeothitem:27.12.22
Victory: The Stowaways [Heroic]:30.10.15
Victory: The War Committee:01.09.19
Victory: The Werewolf Trio:08.03.23
Victory: Thraxinae:27.12.22
Victory: Thread Baron:27.01.23
Victory: Thrott:01.09.19
Victory: Thunji'Mok:23.12.22
Victory: Tickrupt:17.01.23
Victory: Tigrok:20.12.22
Victory: Toa the Shiny:06.08.19
Victory: Tog Voil:22.12.19
Victory: Tongusk the Terrible:26.10.15
Victory: Tootooz the Cryptomaniac:26.07.19
Victory: Torrent of Awuidor:13.08.19
Victory: Trade Baroness Elsindir:03.02.20
Victory: Trade Baroness Elsindir [Challenge]:19.02.20
Victory: Tremorax the Unearthed:27.10.15
Victory: Triad Golems:28.07.19
Victory: Tzirathk:28.07.19
Victory: Ugweepai and Corrupted Embodiments:21.12.22
Victory: Ulosi and Ulcine Nacisroc:27.12.22
Victory: Umbral Lord Yzo:20.02.20
Victory: Undertaker Zemilox:26.12.22
Victory: Unhilynd:19.02.20
Victory: Urgsela, the Malign:25.02.20
Victory: Urzzra-Uzulu:07.03.16
Victory: Va Din Ra:20.02.20
Victory: Va Dyn Kar:03.01.20
Victory: Va Dyn Kar [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Valgan:30.08.19
Victory: Vampire Dragon Leftovers:22.12.22
Victory: Vencine and Vincenz Kovari:27.12.22
Victory: Vendeen:01.09.19
Victory: Vengeance of Ro:02.02.20
Victory: Verlixa:09.08.19
Victory: Vesshtri the Swordfang:08.01.20
Victory: Viletooth:26.05.16
Victory: Vinzerah Ral'moor:26.12.22
Victory: Vleecan Fele [Solo]:15.04.20
Victory: Vorigan Mistmoore:22.12.22
Victory: Vulak'Aerr the Dreadscale:17.05.20
Victory: Vurgal the Gutter:30.08.19
Victory: Wa'la'kra'na and Pri'ki'ori'ki:22.03.23
Victory: War Baron Eator:13.10.19
Victory: War Historian Kobl:13.10.19
Victory: War Master Ryzon:08.01.20
Victory: War Master Ryzon [Challenge]:18.02.20
Victory: Warhelm:20.01.20
Victory: Warlock Ren Bolor:09.03.23
Victory: Wavadozzik Adan:07.08.19
Victory: Wrath of Ro:14.10.19
Victory: Wrathflame the Chosen:13.08.19
Victory: Xi Xaui:20.02.20
Victory: Xias Dos Xan:20.02.20
Victory: Xochéntula:06.02.20
Victory: Xoth, the Ever Rending:25.08.19
Victory: Xothox and Zothoz:01.09.19
Victory: Xuzl:09.08.19
Victory: Xuzut:05.12.22
Victory: Xylox the Poisonous:20.02.20
Victory: Xylox the Poisonous [Challenge]:17.02.20
Victory: Yallessulich:26.05.16
Victory: Yelloweyes:22.12.19
Victory: Yipnik:30.08.19
Victory: Yothshaval, Acolyte of Penumbra:16.06.16
Victory: Yveti Stormbrood:08.08.19
Victory: Yynzik the Scornridden:22.01.23
Victory: Z'Kara the Dreaded:26.10.15
Victory: Zaag the Unburied:01.12.22
Victory: Zaida'Rai, Keeper of Passions:05.11.19
Victory: Zannaska:13.10.19
Victory: Zhakull the Chooser:27.10.15
Victory: Zodan:07.12.22
Victory: Ágilan and Háribon:09.03.23
Visionary Dungeon Master:30.12.22
Visions of Vetrovia:22.12.22
Void Voyager:27.08.19
Voidwrought Chaos:
Volcano Invader:15.10.11
Vying For Growth:
Vyskudra the Ancient's Demise:16.04.20
Vyskudra the Ancient's Demise (Flawless):16.04.20
Vyskudra the Ancient's Demise (Shorthanded):16.04.20
Walking on Air:
Wallop the Wyrm (Hard Mode):01.09.10
Warlord Ykesha Waster:16.09.10
Warmaster Deynka Packlasher's Demise:20.08.11
Warmaster Korok Hai's Demise:19.09.11
Wasting Away in the Wastes:24.12.22
Wayward Souls:22.12.19
Wayward We Wander:20.02.20
We Want a Shrubbery:
Welcome to the Jungle:21.11.12
Welcome, Overseer.:23.12.19
Werewolf Annihilator:
Werewolf Destroyer:
Werewolf Executioner:
Werewolf Killer:25.09.09
What About Bhoughbh:
What a Concoctive Octave:23.12.22
What's Sambata With You?:25.02.20
Which Were, Where?:03.12.22
Whiff, Whiff:13.10.19
Whiff, Whiff, Whiff:
Whoosh, Whoosh:
Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh:
Whose Vault Was it?:20.02.20
Wild Wild Quest:
Wilder Annihilator:
Wilder Destroyer:
Wilder Executioner:
Wilder Killer:13.08.19
Will Break for Shinies:04.01.20
Will Wipe Groups for Shinies!:
Wilt Trip:13.01.20
Wing and A Prayer:14.11.13
Wonderous Wild Weald:
Wrack Em Up:
Wrack Hands:
Wrack and Field Star:
Wracked Exploration:09.02.20
Wreckrock Ruiner:10.10.11
Wyrm Twynk:02.03.10
Xalgoti's Demise:01.03.11
Xalgoz Exterminator:25.09.09
Yha-lei Annihilator:
Yha-lei Destroyer:
Yha-lei Executioner:
Yha-lei Killer:25.09.09
Ykeshan Trekker:22.08.11
You can learn how to take them down!:25.09.09
You're Thunderstruck:05.02.23
Your Fiends Don't Trance:
Your mission is...:05.12.09
Zhvari Savage:01.09.11
Zombie Door Stop:30.08.19
Zoo Keeper:
Zorglim the Departed:16.03.11
Zraxth Zapper:27.08.19
Zynos Slaughterer:25.09.09
[Fabled Guk] Amok in Guk:17.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Triumph: Gob Stopper:
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Boarkeeper Malleg:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Burrtoe the Gorged:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Chieftain Siltsea:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Memnmamar Marrowgut:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Snok Eyegouger:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: Xorxx:15.08.19
[Fabled Runnyeye] Victory: a Golden Scarab:15.08.19
Chaos Tongue
Death's Whisper
Fleshless Tongue
Words of Shade
Avari's Everfrost Summer HomeEverfrost Portal
Bastion of the Tranquil:-11800
Bathezid's Watch:21825
Bloody Tooth Clan:15000
Broken Toe Clan:-17000
Caertaxian Legion:-35450
Citizens of Maldura:32500
City of Paineel:50000
Clan Brokenskull:-50000
Clan Crushbone:-50000
Clan Grobb:20825
Clan Ry'Gorr:50000
Clan Skleross:50000
Clan Smokehorn:-29000
Clan Thrael'Gorr:50000
Claws of Veeshan:50000
Crusaders of Greenmist:-20000
Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters:30500
Deepforge Founders:50000
Defenders of the Seal:-31175
Disciples of Wu:150
Disciples of the Circling Destiny:14000
Drednever Expedition:9100
Exiles of Droga:26100
Far Seas Supply Division:50000
Fell Blade:-16000
Fordel Midst Trade Commission:30000
Forgemasters of Thurgadin:45500
Frogloks of Krupp:-50
Gazers of the Overrealm:-42100
Gloompall Fairies:-39100
Goblins of Nurga:-18000
Guardians of the Underfoot:-49950
Guktan Guard:25425
Hidden Plunderers' Camp:-30000
Hizite Nomads of Ro:15500
House Vahla:50000
House Yrzu:20000
House of Falling Stars:400
Hua Mein:50000
Hua Mein Craftsmen:9000
Iceclad Pirates:10000
Ironblood Sprouts:10000
Kerra Isle:50000
Kerra Isle Outfitters:44000
Kunzar Jungle Villagers:-12000
Legion of Danak:47500
Maj'Dul Citizens:16700
New Tunarian Citizens:-45000
Nuknok Clan:-50000
Nybright Family:2800
Order of Arcane:700
Order of Flame:50000
Othmir Artisans:29550
Othmir of Velious:27500
Outer Sebilis Residents:4900
Pirates of Gunthak:-42900
Pride Pakiat:20000
Protectors of Growth:1200
Quellithulian Portal Scholars:50000
Researchers of Quel'ule:14500
Residents of Teren's Grasp:50000
Ry'zilk's Renegades:28800
Scholars of Myrist:21000
Scions of the Deepwater Knights:50000
Seekers of the Dark Truth:-15800
Shields of Maldura:50000
Snowfang Gnolls:18650
Survival Accord:50000
Sylvan Hunters:700
Synod Reet:-22800
Tabernacle of Pain:22200
The Alliz Raef Ew:-49100
The Anaz Mal Gnolls:-50000
The Aravu Naga:9100
The Ashen Disciples:-23890
The Ashen Order:2910
The Ashenfell Guard:-20000
The Bellywhumpers:49950
The Blackshield Smugglers:-900
The Blacktalon:-50000
The Bloodskull Orcs:-48300
The Celestial Watch:755
The Char'Gin:-35890
The Circle of the Unseen Hand:50000
The City of Freeport:-50000
The City of Gorowyn:-15000
The City of Jinisk:42200
The City of Kelethin:6750
The City of Neriak:-50000
The City of New Halas:5000
The City of Qeynos:40000
The City of Thurgadin:50000
The Coalition of Tradesfolke:5000
The Concordium:265
The Court of Al'Afaz:-34000
The Court of Truth:-50000
The Court of the Blades:-50000
The Court of the Coin:33250
The Court of the Master Djinn:-49600
The D'Vinnian Court:-50000
The Deathfist Orcs:-50000
The Dreadguard:-400
The Dreadnaughts:1100
The Enchanted Reapers:-50000
The Far Seas Trading Company:50000
The Forsaken City:-43400
The Freeport Militia:0
The Fugutr Tribe :-18350
The Graybeard Guard:20000
The Great Herd:3160
The Green Hoods:31200
The Guardians of Thyr:-49700
The Guardians of the Vale:27350
The Ironforge Exchange:50000
The Irontoe Brigade:27500
The Kaentrik Bards:14750
The Kromise:-50000
The League of Freethinkers:48000
The Lost Children of Marr:50000
The Lucanic Knights:-20100
The Lyrech:47100
The Minions of Fear:-11200
The Myntr Tribe :-18350
The Mystic Guardians:1450
The Nizari:-41400
The Order of Rime:50000
The Order of the Blade:-33490
The Ortallians:-36940
The Qeynos Guard:1875
The Ree Orcs:-47500
The Royal Antonican Guard:-19950
The Rujarkian Orcs:-50000
The Runnyeye Goblins:-50000
The Sabertooth Gnolls:-49950
The Sandscrawlers:-48050
The Seamist Faeries:22300
The Sel'Nok Brigade:50000
The Spirits of Marr:-39100
The Steppes Settlers:-1100
The Strifewing:-44100
The Swiftrider Mercenaries:2550
The Tae Ew Lizardmen:-50000
The Thexians:-50000
The Tunarian Alliance:700
The Whistling Fists Clan:-7700
The Windgazer:20350
The Windsisters:-50000
Thulian Knights:-40400
Tizmak Clan:50000
 Critical Chance:3875%
 Casting Speed:118%
 Reuse Speed:90%
 Recovery Speed:0%
 Myth Buff:Epic Repercussions Completed
 Singular Focus:Singular Focus Obtained
 Alternate AdvancementTotal # AA Points350
 PrestigeTotal # Prestige Points70
 Arcane Resists:Minimum Requirement = 1,719,639
 Noxious Resists:Minimum Requirement = 1,719,577
 Elemental Resists:Minimum Requirement = 1,719,014
Equipped FoodOlive and Goat Cheese Salad
Equipped DrinkDesert Distillate

DKP Информация

Показать информацию очков для этого персонажа

Название группы локаций Получено Потрачено Изменение Текущее значение Рейдов (за 30 дней) Рейдов (за 60 дней) Рейдов (за 90 дней) Рейдов (за всё время)
ДКП 936 620 -22 294 100% (8/8) 100% (19/19) 100% (21/21) 26% (126/487)
... записей найдено: 1

История участия в рейдах

Дата Название Примечание Значение
16.03.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] + Hunt 8
13.03.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
09.03.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
06.03.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] + Hunt 8
02.03.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
28.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
27.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] 8
23.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
21.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] + Hunt 8
20.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
16.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
14.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] 8
13.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] + Hunt 8
09.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] + Hunt 8
08.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
07.02.23 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid] 8
06.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] + Storm 8
02.02.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
26.01.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
19.01.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 8
12.01.23 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] 4
05.08.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
04.08.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Vista 8
03.08.20 Нет определенной локации 8
30.07.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance 8
29.07.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches 8
28.07.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches 8
27.07.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Seru 8
23.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Vista 8
22.07.20 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens + Seru 8
21.07.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
20.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Halls 8
16.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
15.07.20 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens 8
14.07.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
09.07.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Halls 8
08.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Vista 8
07.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
06.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
02.07.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
01.07.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Seru + Remembrance 8
30.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Eclipse 8
29.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
25.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
22.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Seru 8
18.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
15.06.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches 8
11.06.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
10.06.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
09.06.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
08.06.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Seru 8
04.06.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance 8
03.06.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
02.06.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
28.05.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
27.05.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
26.05.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse 8
25.05.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Seru + Remembrance 8
21.05.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Seru + Vista 8
20.05.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Eclipse + Seru 8
19.05.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Vista 8
14.05.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Remembrance 8
13.05.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
12.05.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls + Vista 8
11.05.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches + Halls 8
07.05.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Vista 8
06.05.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista 8
05.05.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
04.05.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
30.04.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Eclipse 8
29.04.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
28.04.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
27.04.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
23.04.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Eclipse 8
22.04.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
21.04.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
20.04.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
16.04.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Halls 8
15.04.20 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse + Halls 8
14.04.20 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens 8
13.04.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Seru 8
09.04.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Halls 8
08.04.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
07.04.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls 8
06.04.20 Нет определенной локации Soren 8
02.04.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Vista 8
01.04.20 Нет определенной локации Собрались 2
31.03.20 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls + Seru + Vista 8
30.03.20 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens + Seru 8
25.03.20 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens 8
24.03.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Seru + Barrens 8
23.03.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Eclipse + Remembrance 8
19.03.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Remembrance + Eclipse 8
18.03.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance 8
17.03.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches + Eclipse 8
16.03.20 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista + Eclipse 8
12.03.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance + Barrens 8
11.03.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance 8
10.03.20 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches + Eclipse 8
05.03.20 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance 8
... 100 записей найдено / 126 показано

История покупки предметов

Дата Покупатель Название Рейд Группа предметов Стоимость
28.02.23 Avari Foreman's Ornamental Training Saber [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] default 10
23.02.23 Avari Sparkle in the Sands [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] default 35
20.07.20 Avari Shadeforged Chainlink Mitts of Destruction [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse default 70
16.07.20 Avari Affixed Shadestrike Bracers of Enlightenment [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse default 20
11.06.20 Avari Spire Lord's Ire [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 10
04.06.20 Avari Nexus Spirited Gem [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance default 35
28.05.20 Avari Leaven Scalemail Coif of Destruction [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse default 45
20.05.20 Avari Ring of the Cohortis Sanctum [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 105
11.05.20 Avari Shadowmail Chain Boots of Enlightenment [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches default 35
27.04.20 Avari Constructed Balanzite Ring [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls default 15
23.04.20 Avari Shadowchain Coif of Destruction [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance default 5
23.04.20 Avari Belt of the Spectral Blacksmiths [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance default 10
15.04.20 Avari Slithering Lowbow [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse default 5
24.03.20 Avari Emberbite, Whip of Fangs [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance default 20
24.03.20 Avari Shadowchain Breastplate Pattern of the Deathless [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance default 30
17.03.20 Avari Shadowchain Greaves Pattern of Enlightenment [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches default 65
17.03.20 Avari Shadowchain Gauntlets Pattern of Enlightenment [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches default 55
16.03.20 Avari Shadowchain Boots Pattern of the Deathless [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 20
16.03.20 Avari Vial of Rockhopper Blood [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 15
04.03.20 Avari Praetorian's Edged Dirk [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 5
02.03.20 Avari Empyral Rune: Ascension of Magic [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista default 10
... записей найдено: 21

История индивидуальных изменений

Дата Причина Значение
16.02.23 Поздний приход -4
08.02.23 Поздний приход -4
10.03.20 Поздний приход -4
25.02.20 Поздний приход -4
10.02.20 Поздний приход -2
20.01.20 Поздний приход -4
... записей найдено: 6
Иконка Событие Рейдов (за всё время)
eventicon98 [RoR] Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid]
100.00% (8/8)
eventicon80 [BoL] Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls
92.00% (11/12)
eventicon93 [VoV] Forlorn Gist: Akashic Incursion [Raid]
0.00% (0/9)
Святилище Виишан: Обитель Стража
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon73 [CD] Doomfire: The Broken Throne
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon82 [BoL-RtF] The Fabled Plane of War
0.00% (0/17)
eventicon96 [VoV] The Fabled Trakanon's Lair [Raid]
0.00% (0/3)
eventicon78 [BoL] Fordel Midst: Remembrance
100.00% (15/15)
[CD] Reef of Coirnav
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Vegarlson: Upheaval
100.00% (1/1)
Алтарь Гнусности
0.00% (0/0)
Храм Шшраеза: Эхо Времени
0.00% (0/0)
Эпический Мутант-изгой
0.00% (0/0)
[PoP] Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards
0.00% (0/0)
Грот Сирен: Нисхождение
0.00% (0/0)
[PoP] Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge
0.00% (0/0)
Святилище Виишан: Пасть Ужасной Чешуи
0.00% (0/0)
Эпическая Лаборатория Лорда Виемма
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon79 [BoL] Wracklands: The Crimson Barrens
50.00% (5/10)
eventicon91 [VoV] Forlorn Gist: Emerging Deceit [Raid]
0.00% (0/9)
eventicon94 [VoV] Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence [Raid]
0.00% (0/23)
eventicon77 [BoL] Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches
88.00% (7/8)
Эпические Принцы
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon76 [BoL] Aurelian Coast: The Emerging Eclipse
96.00% (22/23)
[PoP] The Fabled Ykeshas Inner Stronghold
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon84 [RoS] Shadeweaver Thicket: Spirit Harvest [Raid]
0.00% (0/18)
eventicon72 [CD] Eryslai: The Aether Vale
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon81 [BoL-RtF] Solusek's Eye: The Calling
0.00% (0/46)
eventicon95 [VoV] The Fabled Veeshan's Peak [Raid]
0.00% (0/24)
Край Мучений
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Eryslai: The Empyrean Steppes
0.00% (0/0)
Zek, the Scourge Wasters: The Siege
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon75 [BoL] The Blinding: Twisted Vista
90.00% (27/30)
eventicon83 [RoS] Echo Caverns: Expedition Precarious [Raidventure]
0.00% (0/25)
eventicon90 [VoV] Mahngavi Wastes: The Engulfing Night [Raid]
0.00% (0/13)
Эпическое Тайное Укрытие Вольнодумцев (Сложный режим)
0.00% (0/0)
Эпическое Тайное Укрытие Вольнодумцев
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Plane of Justice: Scales of Justice [Raid]
0.00% (0/0)
[PoP] Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection
0.00% (0/0)
[PoP] Brackish Vaults: Realm of the Triumvirate
0.00% (0/0)
Шепчущие Острова: Владения Драазака
0.00% (0/0)
[CD-LU] Castle Mischief
0.00% (0/0)
Оссуарий: Собор Костей
0.00% (0/0)
Stygian Threshold: Edge of the Underfoot
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Doomfire: The Molten Caldera
100.00% (1/1)
[PoP] Solusek Ros Tower: Citadel of the Sun
0.00% (0/0)
ЗавитЛоа: Магмовые Озера
0.00% (0/0)
Оссуарий: Алтарь Злобы
0.00% (0/0)
Проклятое Святилище
0.00% (0/0)
Храм Неба: Предательство в Глубинах
0.00% (0/0)
Нагорная крепость: Бескровное вторжение
0.00% (0/0)
Нагорная Твердыня: Пощады не будет
0.00% (0/0)
Арена Богов
0.00% (0/0)
Мир войн
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon92 [VoV] Castle Vacrul: Thirst for Power [Raid]
0.00% (0/24)
eventicon87 [RoS] Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
0.00% (0/26)
eventicon88 [RoS] Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Challenge Raid]
0.00% (0/4)
Бухта Череполомов: Ярость Проклятых
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon85 [RoS] Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
0.00% (0/39)
eventicon89 [VoV] Karuupa Jungle: The Fading Light [Raid]
0.00% (0/15)
eventicon86 [RoS] Savage Weald: Shadow's Hold [Raid]
0.00% (0/25)
eventicon97 [RoR] Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid]
100.00% (13/13)
Гробница Спящего: Прыжок во времени
0.00% (0/0)
eventicon74 [CD] Fabled Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends
0.00% (0/0)
Храм Раллоса Зека: Каменный Фундамент (Сложный режим)
0.00% (0/0)
Башня Валлона (Сложный режим)
0.00% (0/0)
Бастион Таллона (Сложный режим)
0.00% (0/0)
Шпиль Суллон (Сложный режим)
0.00% (0/0)
Эпическая Обитель Смерти
0.00% (0/0)
Гробница Спящего: Раскопки
0.00% (0/0)
Пропасть Могущества
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Awuidor: The Adumbral Depths (Contested)
0.00% (0/0)
[CD] Ragrax, the Sepulcher of The Twelve
0.00% (0/0)
The Fabled Xuxlaios Roost
0.00% (0/0)
Эпическая Призма Повелителя Джиннов
0.00% (0/0)
Maldura: Forge of Ashes
0.00% (0/0)
Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind
0.00% (0/0)
The Fabled Antechamber of Fate
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Chamber of Rejuvenation
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Vaedenmoor: Heart of Nightmares
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold (Expert)
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Crypt of Dalnir: The Kly Stronghold
0.00% (0/0)
[PoP] Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Lost City of Torsis: Ashirian Court (Expert)
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Lost City of Torsis: Ashirian Court
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple (Expert)
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Arcannase Spire: Order and Chaos (Expert)
0.00% (0/0)
[KA] Arcannase Spire: Order and Chaos
0.00% (0/0)
Винокурня Далеких Морей: Нищие и попрошайки
0.00% (0/0)
Паром Трепета: Короли пиратов
0.00% (0/0)
Расцвет Дракура: Вискудра Древняя
0.00% (0/0)
Расцвет Дракура: Пробуждение Севалака
0.00% (0/0)
Эпический Небесный Пьедестал
0.00% (0/0)
Нет определенной локации
35.00% (16/46)
... записей найдено: 96



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